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Finding a job Ritual

August 1 Lammas From www.grannysgypsymagick.com

The Samhain Ritual

The Anamchara Ritual

Beltane Ritual 2008

Summer Solstice From My B.O.S.

Space Cleansing Ritual

Transition to Motherhood Ritual

New Moon Ritual

cleansing shower

Another IMBOLC Ritual - Ritual created by Lady Isis Rose of Enchanted Rose Moon Circle


Ritual Chris celebrated at Yule

Planting the seeds of Self Love - By: WhiteOak

Finding a Lost Familiar Talisman - by Icinia

Seven Day Prosperity Spell, by Elizabeth Hazel

Samhain Ritual 2007

Mabon Ritual 13 Vine (23 September) in the year of our Lady 2007

Dark Moon Ritual to banish all obstacles in you way of accomplishing your goal

Beltane ritual 15 saille-willow (1 May) in the year of our Lady 2007

Ostara Ritual 3 Alder (20 March) in the year of our Lady 2007

Imbolc Ritual - 5 Rowan (2 February) in the year of our Lady 2006

Imbolc Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual 2 ruis-elder (21 December) in the year of our Lady 2006

Full Moon Ritual 15 Gort-Ivy (5 November) in the year of our Lady 2006

Samhain Ritual 2006

Autumn Equinox Ritual - 1 Vine (22 September) in the Year of our Lady 2006

Lammas Ritual - 9 Holly (1 August) in the Year of our Lady 2006
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