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Litha is having a tough day.

Cadeau comes in out of the heat. And yeah, I still weep over the loss of his tail.

Happy just wants to be let alone!

Callie seldom looks back, but if a make I silly noise, she'll check it out. Given her expression, I think she's pretty sick of that ploy.

Cadeau and Happy cuddle in the sunshine.

Litha playing Hamlet: To go out or not to go out, that is the question!

Callie prepares to join Daddy in a nap.

Happy keeping an eye on Daddy as he works at the computer.

Cadeau's wearing his coat of many colors.

Sometimes Callie just wishes I'd go away.

Litha has taken over Cadeau's chair! He's none too pleased about that!

Happy sizing up the birds.

Litha in sunlight

Cadeau, king of the printer

ALL HAIL Her Calliness, queen of the wood pile!

Cadeau is on his afghan, and all's well with the world.

Meanwhile, Queen Callie holds court in her brand new bed.

Lady Litha loves the warmth of the fire.

Happy is never far from her Cadeau (see far right)

Litha really wants that squirrel!

Happy is queen of the tower!

Litha (almost invisible) and Happy watch the snow.

Cadeau snuggles down in his favorite chair right by the heating vent.

Callie observing the goings on from her perch in the kitchen

Happy catches a nap on the back of Daddy's chair

Litha finds my comment shocking.

Callie and I discuss the menu

Cadeau waiting patiently for me to open the door. And, yeah, that is a cat door he's sitting in front of. LOL

Happy about to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least to jump on top of the wood pile.

Litha worries that Happy is on top of the wood pile and she's not!

Meahwhile, Callie's channeling Hamlet: To go into the closet or not to go into the closet, that is the question!

Cadeau just loves Callie's bed. Unfortunately, so does she, which means we have some pretty nasty tiffs from time to time.

Callie being adorable

Cadeau and Happy sleeping.

Cleanliness is VERY important to Happy.

Her beauty sleeps are very important to Litha, and, much to her annoyance, I interrupted this one.

Cadeau says, "Yes, I'm beautiful. You may worship me now.)

Happy always wanted to be on TV. Unfortunately, Callie always wanted that too. And Happy doesn't want to share the spotlight.

Litha--Please pet me! I'm SO lonely!

Open a box, and BAM! There's Happy ready to take it over!

Litha--to jump into the box or to not jump into the box. That is the question!

Cadeau, Happy, and Callie basking in the kitchen window. Oh, life is SO HARD!

Cadeau and Happy playing. If anyone would have told me this cat would live to the end of 2014, let alone that he'd be playing again, I would not have believed it! How wonderful is this!

Litha is chilling on the bed, as she loves to do.

This is how Cadeau spends his afternoons--dozing on the porch.

Sometimes Happy confuses the porch uprights with a scratching post.

Callie disapproves of something. Not sure what.

Litha finds the camera quite annoying.

Meanwhile, the others melt in the afternoon heat on the porch. They have a choice of being inside where it's cooler or on the porch with the heat. They nearly always choose the heat of summer. LOL




Cadeau holding the porch chair down. (It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Callie's in her bed on the porch and all's well with her world.

Hmm...could happy be asking for a nice shampoo? Somehow I doubt it!

Litha can't remember what she wanted to say.

Happy has places to go, things to do, appointments to keep!

Litha is on a mission too!

While checking on lunch, Cadeau finds Happy distracting.

Meanwhile, Callie guards her favorite toy.

Litha's holding down the porch chair. Wouldn't want it to fly away!

Happy takes such good care of Cadeau!

Callie's definitely ready for her closeup

Cadeau wants to discuss my use of the printer.

Litha and Cadeau have definitely taken ownership of "my" chair...

At least when Callie isn't on it.

Meanwhile, Happy answers the call of the wild. Or at least to the call of the back porch.

This was my chair until Litha (left) and Cadeau (right) discovered it!

Callie (left) and Happy (right) hold a kitchen cabinet meeting.

A box of Cadeau.

Happy is queen of the cupboards

Litha in her own personal box

Callie's on a mission.

Cadeau and Happy on the sofa

Cadeau's hair has completely grown back! YAY!

Happy all snuggled up

Litha stretching for all she's worth

Tommy snoozing on the deck

Callie posing in the kitchen

What would Happy and Cadeau do without each other!

A basket of Litha

Yeah, Happy stole Litha's basket! BAD GIRL! LOL

Tommy really has to learn to relax!

Look at how Cadeau's hair is coming back! YAY!

Callie would like to chat, but she's busy.

Cadeau the day after surgery in his post-op vest (he hated that thing!)

Cadeau a week later. He was feeling much better but still hated that vest.

Two weeks after the surgery, Cadeau gets to be without that hated vest. He's SO much happier!

Tommy guarding the front door

Happy watching over Cadeau

Litha, Callie, and Happy are all very disturbed over something. I think there was a squirrel out there.

Cadeau and Happy enjoying the sun and each other

Cadeau sure hates that window! LOL

Callie sure loves her bed!

Litha really has to learn to relax!

Tommy chilling on the side deck, "his" deck. We don't see much of him anymore.

Cadeau melting in the afternoon heat

Litha supervising a print job.

Callie in full bath mode

Happy and Cadeau, never far apart

Happy playing under the kitchen island

Happy's looking after Cadeau Hasn't she filled out nicely?)

Callie after the fluff-dry cycle

Litha supervises in the kitchen

A rare shot--all the cats together in the sunshine.

The calico corner--Happy on the afghan and Callie on the seat

Tommy in a snoozing stretch on his porch chair

Cadeau peeking around the door. He's SO HAPPY to be rid of the Cone of Shame!

Those squirrels really worry Litha!

Litha resting on her afghan after a very busy morning.

Happy posing for me on the bathroom sink

Callie is just not in the mood right now, thank you very much!

Cadeau in his inflatable collar, This didn't last very long. It wasn't safe to leave this on him, so we went back to the Cone of Shame. Poor baby! This situation is a heartbreaker.

Tommy waking from a nap. I cannot believe how this cat tolerates the cold! But he sure won't come in!

A box of Happy

Cadeau after the surgery. We are trying to figure out why he's ripping out his hair. No one seems to know.

Callie assuring me that she's TOTALLY innocent! (Callie hasn't been innocent in years)

Litha holds down the CPU. (You never know when it will fly away)

Tommy having a bath in 16 degree weather. MAN, I wish he'd come in!

Tommy in his new and improved nest.

Cadeau post surgery. We learned that he doesn't have cancer after all! YAYAYAYAY

Happy thinks she's a Christmas angel

Callie just needs her beauty rest.

Happy has discovered the cat condo and is now the Queen of the Hill!

Callie, meanwhile, prefers a more down to earth approach

Litha discovers a stray kitty treat. She loves her Greenies!

Cadeau keeps it basic. Always time for a quick munch.

Tommy in his nest on the porch. I wish he would come in!

Callie and Cadeau declare a temporary truce in the kitchen window

Tommy taking temporary refuge on the porch in a terrible downpour

Litha in hot pursuit

Meet our new addition whom we've named Happy because she really is! She came to us at 3 am in 20 degree weather, starving and SO boney and loaded with ticks. She's doing better now that she's warm and has a steady supply of food and affection.

Callie's looking for Tommy but...

Tommy's on his favorite rock

Litha loves her wood pile

Callie's language shocks Cadeau!

Callie: One day my prince will come.

What do you mean his car broke down!

Tommy says, "No, I don't really want to come in. I just want to make you feel guilty."

Litha helping me make the newest afghan. (See "Other Pictures")

Sometimes life is just too strenuous for Cadeau!

Litha loves the bay window where I keep the pots of herbs in the winter!

Cadeau really wants to tell me something.

Callie "scratching" the chair (She had been declawed when she came to us.)

Tommy and Callie bickering--"Did not!" "Did too!"

Cadeau ignoring me

Litha on the porch. She's annoyed with me because her bird flew away.

Callie likes to keep an eye out for Tommy/

And by golly, there he is! ;)

Tommy back for a visit, sunning himself on t he deck. And, no, he doesn't want back in. I have opened the door many times. He's just not interested.

Lady Litha communing with Rachel the Raccoon

Callie complains that this is not her best angle.

he dust ruffle of the bed is askew. Cadeau does not approve!

Litha helps to rearrange the cupboard

Litha investigates the new refrigerator

Callie, Litha, and Squirrel

Callie wants to know where the squirrel went.

Cadeau is trying SO hard to ignore me!

Cadeau is so sleepy!

Tommy melts into the floor.

Tommy on cat condo

We had to let Tommy go on 8 April 2013. He and Cadeau got into a tiff that sent Cadeau into surgery for an infection that meds just couldn't conquer. Well, the night before the surgery, they got into a tiff again. I had a choice of locking Tommy up alone downstairs or opening up the door to the outside. I opened up the door to the outside. He never learned to trust me, and he was very unhappy inside. He's back in the woods where he longed to be. Be well, darling Tommy. May Bast protect you always.

This is Cadeau after the surgery. As you can see, I just couldn't let this happen again.

Lady Litha communes with Polly Pigeon.

Callie often thinks her foot is a wonderful toy.

This is the altar I have set up for the cats. Those who are still living are on the top shelf. Those who have crossed are on the second and bottom shelves. I had another altar, but it got too crowded. I like this one much better.

Tommy at the head of the stairs

Litha on a glorious quest

Cadeau making sure Daddy doesn't go anywhere

Callie is definitely NOT happy about her close up!

For Puck

Like nectar drizzled on my lap
or on my pillow, seeping out,
sweetening the farthest corners of the bed,
you were the flavor of my dreams,
the prospects in my morning cup.
You were the taste of everything that brought me joy.

But, my beloved paradox,
you were my salt and pepper too,
seasoning life's mundane stew
to make a gumbo.

My pillow's cold now that you're gone,
my dreams dried up for want of you.
And now my daily fare is bland
without your spice.

And yet I would not call you back
to all the frailties of old age,
to all the hardships and the trials and the pain.
Oh no, I would not call you back
unless we could go all the way
back to the time when you could fit
inside my palm.

Vila SpiderHawk

A poem Sharon Beller sent me:

I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep.
I could see that you were crying. You found it hard to sleep.
I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear,
"It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."
I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea,
You were thinking of the many times your hands reached down to me.
I was with you at the shops today. Your arms were getting sore.
I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more.
I was with you at my grave today, You tend it with such care.
I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there.
I walked with you towards the house, as you fumbled for your key.
I gently put my paw on you, I smiled and said "It's me."
You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.
I tried so hard to let you know, that I was standing there. It's possible for me to be so near you everyday. To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."
You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew...
in the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.
The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning
and say "Good-night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."
And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side.
I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see.
Be patient, live your journey out... then come home to be with me.
Colleen Fitzsimmons

A message from Sonja Aline Lutz

RIP dear Puck you have found your forever loving home in Vila's, lived a happy loving life and now you have rejoined your late loving ones but you do leave behind broken hearts ...
Vila and her family will love and miss you always Take care !

A basket of Litha

Tommy at the dining room window

Looks like Tommy has drunk himself under the table again.

Cadeau about to retire to the boudoir

Her Calliness on her throne (my lap)

Tommy chills out on his bed.

Cadeau being adorable.

Puck is VERY careful about his grooming!

Callie can't chat right now. She has an appointment.

Litha waiting and waiting for the printer to produce her picture!

Litha and Cadeau chilling out in the library

Callie is the queen of the hill. (or at lease of the mantel.)

Meanwhile, Puck toasts by the fire.

Tommy munching under the bed. He still doesn't trust me, and so the moment I appear, he scoots under the bed. Once he's under there, I can rub his belly, sing to him, scratch him under the chin, and so forth. But until he's there, he won't let me within six feet.

Freckles went home to Bast on 26 October 2012 after 17 years of life. Go into the light, sweet one!

A Farewell to Freckles
and as gentle as a fond yet secret wish,
you wound around and through our lives
for more than seventeen years.

Purring, like a fur curl pressed against me in my bed
or guarding the hearth fire in the evening,
making great athletic leaps to astound your audience,
or sampling water dribbling from the kitchen faucet,
you made a present of yourself, always giving all you could.
What shall we do without the joy of you each day?

Who's going to wake me with a nudge?
Who's going to curl my lips to smiles?
Who's going to taste those drops to make sure they're all right?
Who's going to purr me to sleep at the end of the day
now that you've tip-toed
your own way
across the rainbow?

A gift from Sharon Beller. Thank you, Sharon. Huge grateful hugs!

And Goddess asked the feline spirit

Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for

Are you coming then? asked Goddess
Soon, replied the tired angel
But I must come slowly
For my family is troubled.
you see they need me quite certainly

But don't they understand? asked
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and
ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the weary cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.

Love and light Sharon

Callie is on a mission. Neither she nor I knows exactly what that mission is!

Meanwhile, Cadeau has other things to do.

Litha has something important to say.

Puck has his eye on a bug

Tommy is IN! I got him in on 26 October! I am SO GLAD! Unfortunately, he is not. He's having some trouble adjusting. But at least he was safe from Hurricane Sandy.

Tommy and Callie conversing through the hardware cloth on the porch.

Cadeau enjoying a snooze (until I so RUDELY interrupted)

Litha has taken over Daddy's desk chair

Puck has a serious decision to make-- Should he have a snack or take a nap?

Freckles claiming my desk chair

Cadeau takes a break from the catnip

Freckles patient while I work

Callie looking adorable

Tommy, the feral cat

Litha sizes up her next leap

Puck at the cateteria

Freckles is dining alone this evening.

Callie and Feral Cat

Puck just being Puck

Cadeau is fond of rearranging the pillows. (Everybody's a critic!)

Litha posing. Yes, she knows she's beautiful!

Feral cat who likes to hang out on our deck. Won't let me close. I took this with a zoom. The mesh work is hardware cloth that we put up to keep the cats from clawing the screen on the door.

Freckles wants to have a chat

Litha is gradually picking up weight! YAY!

Puck is contemplating life.

Cadeau's been rolling in nip.

Callie says it isn't easy when you have to crawl over your human's get to get anywhere!

Litha just joined our family, hence her name. Her eyes are getting much better now with medical care. (She has a herpes infection of the eyes). And she's eating better now that her sore throat is gone (upper respiratory infection). She's going to be JUST FINE! GOOD GIRL!

Puck is definitely NOT ready for his close-up!

Callie on my lap (she likes to stay on top of things)

Freckles doing what he does best

Cadeau would like to have a little chat.

How can you deny anything to a face like that!

Callie's working very hard at ignoring me.

Puck just loves my desk

Freckles just wants me to get that camera out of his face!

Cadeau is showing off for the camera

Meanwhile Freckles chills out.

Puck's about to make a jump he'll regret.

Callie's on a glorious quest.

It's Cadeau's turn to be kind of the hill. Or at least king of the cupboard.

I just had to share this shot of Tyker and Cadeau (and Sally the Squirrel)

Freckles takes his naps very seriously.

Puck is SO annoyed with that nasty camera!

Callie's snoozing too. It was a lazy day.

Tyker went home to Bast on 1 February, 2012 at 12:30 PM. He died peacefully in my arms. He has left a huge jagged hole in our hearts, but, oh, what a joy it was to be with him while he was here!

A Farewell to Tyker

You gusted into our lives,
a leaping, purring blur of fur,
grabbing sunshine, snagging grasshoppers and ankles.
Was that just nine short months ago?
What little time we had with you!
How very quickly you became my sweet obsession!

I'd hoped we'd have a year or two,
have time to watch you grow and play,
have time to sleep, your body curled around my head.

Oh yes, I'd hoped.
Oh, how I'd hoped.
But hope just wasn't adequate.
Nor was my love.
Nor was the bliss of being yours.

What lessons did you come to teach?
(Besides to love with my whole being
and that, however strong life seems, it's very frail)

Why did you suddenly appear
and sweep such joy into our hearts
only to blow away like dandelion down?

Callie is he queen of the hill on top of the cupboards.

Cadeau really likes that little bed!

Freckles is having a pouty kind of day

Sometimes you just CANNOT decide which toy to play with!

Tyker just two weeks before his death

Tyker, on the other hand, has made his choice.

Tyker sure hates the snow though.

Tyker and Puck having a snack

Cadeau and Freckles on the sofa

Puck doesn't altogether trust that purple mouse

Cadeau helps me with some paperwork

Callie investigating the dry food. She doesn't seem to approve.

OH NO! Freckles has vampire eyes!

Cadeau and Tyker playing

Tyker playing under the island with Mr. Skunk


Tyker still playing with Mr. Skunk

Tyker taking a break from the bed to play a while on the rug.

Tyker and Cadeau on my bed. (Yes, Cadeau has been fully inoculated against feline leukemia.)

Tyker and Cadeau watching kitty TV. This is their favorite show!

Puck on the top perch of the kitty condo

Callie having a little snooze

Freckles is ready for his close up

Cadeau seems to like his color next to the teal.

Callie naps out on Daddy's CPU

Cadeau drinks Daddy's water

Freckles wants a profile pic this time

Puck is ready for his close up

Tyker really loves that guest bed!

Puck really has to learn to relax!

So does Cadeau

Freckles too!

And sometimes Callie needs an attitude transplant.

Tyker, on the other hand, is SO HAPPY now that he's in the house. Here he's chilling out on the guest bed. Yeah he's on a separate floor from the rest of the kitties. He has feline leukemia and must be kept separate.

Tyker wondering what that ugly black thing is in front of my face.

Puck is not too pleased with me.

Freckles has places to go and things to do.

Cadeau under the covers

It's not that Callie's easily distracted or anything

Callie's very worried about something!

meanwhile, it's so hot that Cadeau is melting!

And here's Tyker taking a break from his catnip.

Freckles is definitely NOT in the mood!

Apparently, neither is Puck


Puck, on the other hand, really doesn't care.

Freckles is pretty mellow too.

Meanwhile, Cadeau's kind of busy.

Cadeau's back in his window now that the plants are gone, and all's well with the world!

Oh it's SO hard to be a Puck!

Freckles is SO BORED!

Meanwhile Callie's keeping everyone in line.

Freckles looking adorable (Puck in the background)

Puck enjoying an afternoon snooze

Cadeau lying blissfully in the sun

Callie loves her place on the porch sofa!

Freckles is king of the hill (or at least of the kitchen cupboard)

Cadeau, on the other hand, has more modest ambitions. He�s king of the dryer.

Callie sees something that just is NOT right! Not to worry, she�ll take care of it.

Meanwhile, Puck is busy.

Callie likes to keep everything in my office under control

Puck on the porch enjoying some rare warm February weather

Freckles is pouting. I�m not sure why.

Cadeau also enjoying the warm February day on the porch

The butterfly in a jar fascinates Cadeau. No, it�s not a real butterfly.

Callie proving that cats really don�t have bones.

Freckles has SUCH a tough life!

Never say that Puck doesn�t have a sense of humor!

Puck having a snooze

Cadeau lying in MY spot on the sofa, begs me not to move him. (I didn�t)

Freckles LOVES his afghan!

Callie looking quizzical

Callie wants to know where dinner is!"

Cadeau. Sometimes sleep just overtakes you!

Freckles. Something is bothering him. I don�t remember what.

It�s pretty cold out there on the porch. Puck�s debating whether he really wants to go out or not.

Mimi went home at 6:17 PM on 18 October, 2010. She was 20 years old.

A Farewell to Mimi

Old crone,
queen of the house
and of my lap
and of my bed,
under the covers demanding
to be draped on my chest,
how will I sleep without you on my heart?

Ball of fluff
Curled in my arms,
soft purr wisely rumbling,
guarding my secrets
and my pillow,
whom shall I sing to in the dark?

Farewell, sweet old love
my sister of the soul.
Run now with the spirits
in that sunny meadowland.
You are free.

And I?
I must remain
for a moment.
But soon, very soon we�ll sleep together.

Vila SpiderHawk

Rosie, my kitty who has occupied the central Guardian of the Summerland Meadow Tree Stump looking over all the fur friends who have gone on before us.� She is still up there....but now Rosie has stepped aside to honor Mimi. I see Mimi being honored by one of the Faery friends with a garland of wildflowers loosely about her neck, and she is now Queen of the Summerland Meadow, sitting in the center of the Great Tree Stump....Rosie by her side as a faithful Guardian should be. All the fur friends gathered about to give honor to their long awaited Queen.

One day, we who miss our beloved fur friends will get to be with them again, playing and laughing in the sunshine of the Summerland Meadow, and sleeping in sacred dream rhythms of the night.

There are also always the new cycles....with many new adventures for all.

Rest well Mimi, and enjoy your time as Queen of the Summerland Meadow. New adventures await you as well.

Mimi reaches out to touch her left paw softly to your chest, over your heart. She is purring a song of comfort and love for and heal dear are loved very much...always...


May I quote from my Italian Witchcraft book a paragraph for you? Read these words and know they are true:
We gather now in honor of our sister who has crossed over and begun the sacred journey to the Realms of Luna. We wish you well on your journey, and send with you the emanations of our love, and our friendship. We know that the sorrow which we feel is of our own making. There has been no loss among us, for we shall meet each other again in a future life to come. And we shall remember, and know each other, and love again. We shall speak your name and remember you at Shadowfest. If it is that we shall see you, or speak with you, then let it be of your own desire. For it is not our wish that our desires should bind you in this life.
May the Great Lord and Lady receive you into their care, and may they comfort you and prepare you to be born anew.
May the Realms of Luna give you all that you desire, and may you find peace and pleasure, and reunion with those who have gone before.
Farewell dear Mimi, farewell dear friend. Blessed Be. From Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi, sent to me by Rob Morini

kitty altar

The boxes contain the ashes of those who have crossed over. Merlin is in the back on the left. Skitter is in the back on the right. KC is in the front on the left and Mimi is in the front on the right. The photos are the pictures of Merlin, Cadeau, Skitter, Freckles, KC, Mimi, Puck, and Callie

Puck-good grooming is SO important!

Callie investigating her world

Toward the end Cadeau looked after Mimi. Such a sweet guy!

I think Freckles would really rather be alone just now.

A box of Puck

A bag of Callie

Cadeau has SUCH a tough life!

Freckles posing. (Don�t hate me because I�m beautiful!)

Callie having a great time with the light switch

Callie and Puck in a momentary truce

Her Miminess having a beauty nap

Freckles may be with Puck, but he�s none too thrilled about it!

Cadeau. Oh life is SO HARD for a kitty!

Callie is ready for her close-up.

Freckles, on the other hand, is not too pleased.

Whereas Puck is much too busy to pose.

Cadeau is wondering what all the fuss is about.

And Mimi just wants to be let alone.

KC Kitty went home to Bast at 9:57 on 28 July, 2010.

Farewell KC

Cotton soft, a puff of fluff,
gentle soul, in love with all,
nightly sleeping on my feet,
Skitter�s kitten, Sphinx like, sitting
in the sun�s hot glare,
You�ve been our dear for fifteen years.
How will we smile without you?

Egyptian eyes, timid yet wise,
old soul, what have you seen?
How many lives has your love blessed?
How many yet to come
before your spirit journey�s done?
How sad we are to lose you.

And yet we know you must move on
to rest a while in Bastet�s arms,
to play with Skitter in the grass
where butterflies abound.
I�ll hold you tenderly in dreams
And once my tears have dried,
I�ll see you in my memory,
greet you with arms spread wide.

Be well! Be free! Explore and see
the goodness you have wrought.
Know always that you live in me
In love and prayer and thought.

Cadeau gets the top berth THIS time! Next time Puck will be first!

Gees I wish KC could learn to relax!

Does this look like a Callie with a guilty conscience?

This picture is a tad blurry, but so is Freckles. I disturbed his nap.

Her Miminess napping on the porch in 100 degree weather! I tried to bring her in but she would have NONE of that. This cat LIVES for the heat!

Cadeau and Mimi share a chair

Callie has discovered the door to the GREAT OUTDOORS�

And has decided to stay inside

Puck in a contemplative mood

And Freckles pretending to be asleep (Hey, buddy! Your eyes are open!)

KC communing with the night

KC and Cadeau. So, what�s for dinner?

Callie enjoying the spring time sunshine

Callie at the back door watching Kitty �TV�

Freckles taking a break from the sun under a porch chair

Cadeau posing on a porch chair.

Oh yeah Cadeau is KING of the porch!

Puck pretending that he doesn�t want his picture taken

It�s SUCH hard work being a Puck!

From back to front, KC, Cadeau, and Freckles

KC trying to nap in spite of my RUDE camera!

Mimi. Yes she gets thinner by the day. She�s 20 years old and showing her age. But she�s a strong old crone! She still has her TUDE!

Did I mention Mimi�s TUDE?

Wouldn�t you know, she moved just as I clicked. But here�s Her Miminess again

Callie looking for some trouble

And she may have found it.

KC to the world: STAY AWAY FROM MY BOX!

KC back on the porch. It�s so good to see the kitties on the porch again!

Yup! Cadeau�s on the porch too!

And so is Her Miminess

YUP! Freckles too! I LOVE this!

KC and Puck. Boy who would have thought they�d ever get to be so cuddly together

Callie on top of the refrigerator. Well, everyone�s gotta be some place, I guess.

Yes Freckles is getting used to his perch on the cat condo.

Puck soaking up all that lovely heat

Mimi on HER afghan

KC keeping up appearances

And Cadeau must have his beauty rest!

Cadeau (left) and KC on my bed. AWWW!

Freckles also looking adorable

Her Miminess napping on �my� corner of the sofa.

KC cuddling with Puck, which is why the bed isn�t made

Cadeau supervising Daddy�s game

Callie just being Callie

Clearly Freckles sees something that disturbs him. Probably a Callie

Callie acting as paperweight.

Callie doing her gargoyle imitation.

Cadeau likes to be sure that all things digital are working properly.

Mimi, who is very interested in a spider at the moment.

KC pretending to be Freckles. That�s usually Where Freckles hangs out

And so Freckles is reduced to joining Cadeau on the cat condo. Oh, the shame of it all! What will the neighborhood kitties say!

Freckles has decided my desk chair is HIS!

Callie checking out a closet

Cadeau having a snooze on my bed.

Cadeau having a bite. (We have to keep our strength up donchaknow)

KC and Puck. Don't get used to this. Puck doesn't cuddle with other kitties all that often!

Her Miminess

Meet Callie. She came to us on 5 October, declawed, hungry, and homeless. We worked very hard to find her family and couldn�t. So she�s becoming part of our family now. She�s very healthy and active and curious and sweet. So now we�re back to six cats. The others find her intimidating, even though she�s half their size. So she�s queen of the house, a position that pleases her.

Callie grabbing a snack. Boy is she ever an oinker!

Cadeau lying in the pass through between the kitchen and the laundry room.

Cadeau. I like his dark against the pale floor.

Puck likes to make sure my printer is always working in top form.

Puck�s worried because he can�t figure out what mischief to get into next.

Finally, having worn himself out, Puck settles in for a nap.

Freckles posing prettily!

And, speaking of pretty, here�s KC!

Mimi feels it�s her job to make sure I can�t make my bed, and she takes that responsibility very seriously.

KC is just SO TENSE! What to DO! LOL!

Puck likes to make sure I�m aware that he�s ignoring me.

Her Miminess in HER sun!

KC being elegant

Cadeau has claimed Skitter�s chair

Freckles admiring the view

Cadeau helping Daddy play solitaire

Puck on Daddy�s desk chair

Her Miminess on her throne

KC doing what he does best

Skitter on his special chair. I still look for him there.

KC had been giving Skitter a bath, but he stopped the moment I got the camera!

Cadeau on the chair; KC on the footstool

Cadeau LOVES the backs of chairs!

Freckles and Skitter. Skitter�s death has been hard on Freckles!

KC (left) and Her Miminess (right) getting ready for an afternoon snooze

If Mimi knew she was sharing the window with Puck she�d have a royal hissy fit!

Freckles wanted a glamour shot.

Cadeau. I think there�s a squirrel in the tree.

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