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This is for calming down during stressful times.

Visualize the sea and the moon. Visualize stress flowing out from you and calm seeping in.

Even Flow

Perfect body perfect mind, perfect heart and soul combined

I reclaim my evenflow, �tis my will now make it

Seasons turning, oceans tide, Sun and Moon and heavens wide

I reclaim my evenflow

breathing in, breathing out, flow within flow without

I reclaim my evenflow, �tis my will now make it so

As the Goddess wants for me, I am flow and harmony

I reclaim my evenlfow �tis my will now make it so

- Thank you to Shannon West for providing this

Moon cords

The idea behind moon cords is to embrace and preserve specific attributes of moon power which are available during a specific moon phase. These attributes are directed into a length of cord and held there by knots; thus the attributes are available to the witch at any time. For example: you may wish to perform some magic which is appropriate to the waxing moon.

Ideally, you would be wisest to wait until after the moon is new to utilize the most compatible energies for your work. But what if you have a good reason not to wait and what if in linear time the moon is actually waning? No problem, if you have prepared a new moon cord, you can draw upon the new moon power at any time of any month. You can prepare a cord during each phase of the moon, and thus, have available to you the power of each phase. However I strongly suggest that you use the cords only when absolutely necessary, and try to work with the phases of the moon in the sky whenever you can.

Use a length of colored wool, or embroidery thread about two feet long. You can have five different colors if you prefer and prepare five cords: new, waxing, full, waning and dark. Or you can simplify matters and use three colors for three cords: new and waxing combined, full (alone), waning and dark combined. It is sufficient to work with three. Now then; I work with 5 when at home and have 3 in my take with me kit.

To prepare a cord during the appropriate Moon phase, Light your Goddess candle and sit at your altar or work table- or go outside. State alignments, and call on that aspect of the goddess who rules the phase you wish to put into the cord. This is called charging the cord. Use the Goddesses that you are familiar working with. Or here are some suggestions: For waxing call upon Diana; for the full call upon Selene, for the waning call upon Hecate, and for just the new moon call upon Persephone.

It's a good idea to use your athame for this, as the process is related to drawing down the moon. In a sense, you are drawing her down for each phase to enter your cord, so you may draw a pentagram over the face of the moon, or over the candle flame which represents her, and trace a line of power from the moon or flame into your cord, stating words of power.

By the power of 3 by 3

Working for and through me

I hereby call upon you,( Your Moon Deities),

To enter this cord with your power

to charge this cord

for the good of all

and according to free will

for the work of magic only

To aid me in my work

at the appropriate times,

According to your will

As these knots are tied."

Then tie nine knots in the cord, placing them equidistant from one another and use the ninth knot to tie the cord into a circle. Then add:
"By the Goddess This I Will ~ So Will It Be" (or if you use "So Mote It Be")

Place this circle on the altar encircling your Goddess candle, and leave it there for awhile, meditating if you wish on the phase of the moon with which you have charged the cord. When you feel your work is complete, wind the cord into a compact little entity and enclose it in a tiny pouch or box. This is kept on the altar. It is best kept near your own tools. When you work with a moon cord either hold it in your hand or place around your goddess candle, as you do specific magic for which you need its aid. When you are finished, put it back in its holder. You may take it out and hold it under the moon during its name phase, to recharge it, but this is not absolutely essential. There is no drain on moon power, such as with a battery. The power is in the moon cord to stay. Below are the colors I have used for my cords.
Magical Moon Phase Tips
New Moon-The opposite of the full moon. It�s also considered the Dark Moon. Proper timing to start new projects, goals, spells or rituals. Dark: Black, Silver, Blue
Waxing Moon- This is when the moon is growing full. A time of expansion and growth for the individual. Good for gathering energy, building up, attracting your wish. Maiden: White, Yellow, Pink
Full Moon-The moon at its zenith. The full moon brings projects to fruition, and is the most powerful phase for completion of a ritual. Mother: Red, Silver, Green
Waning Moon-This is when the moon is decreasing. A time of clearing away and letting go. Good for releasing energy, tearing down, removing obstacles. Crone: Black, Grey, Gold
Dark Moon-The day before the New Moon. This is considered the Dark Moon. Proper timing to start projects, goals, spells or rituals based upon judgments. Dark: Black, Blue, Purple

No attribution possible.

While this is not a spell, it is a lovely charge, and, now that we are at the autumn equinox, I thought it would be appropriate to share this now. The woman who sent it to me doesn�t know who wrote it.

Wisdom and empowerment are the gifts of the Dark Goddess of Transformation.

She is known to us as Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith,
Persephone, Fata, Morgana, Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga,
Inanna, Tiamat, and by a million, million other names:

Hear me child, and know Me for who I am. I have been with you
since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to Me
at the final dusk.

I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream.
I am the One who calls to you at the end of your journey. After the day
is done, My children find their blessed rest in my embrace.

I am the womb from which all things are born.
I am the shadowy, still tomb; all things must come to Me and bare their
breasts to die and be reborn to the Whole.

I am the Sorceress that will not be ruled, the Weaver of Time, the
Teacher of Mysteries. I snip the threads that bring my children home
to me. I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the
heartless. Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover
true beauty, strength, and courage.

I am the fury which rips the flesh from injustice.
I am the glowing forge that transforms your inner demons into tools of
power. Open yourself to my embrace and overcome.

I am the glinting sword that protects you from harm.
I am the crucible in which all the aspects of yourself merge together
in a rainbow of union.

I am the velvet depths of the night sky, the swirling mists of midnight,
shrouded in mystery.

I am the chrysalis in which you will face that which terrifies you and
from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed. Seek me at
the crossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my
face, there is no return.

I am the fire that kisses the shackles away.
I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know each other in
Truth. I am the web which connects all things.

I am the Healer of all wounds, the Warrior who rights all wrongs in
their Time. I make the weak strong. I make the arrogant humble. I raise
up the oppressed and empower the disenfranchised. I am Justice
tempered with mercy.

Most importantly, child, I am you. I am part of you, and I am within
you. Seek me within and without, and you will be strong. Know me.
Venture into the dark so that you may awaken to Balance,
Illumination, and Wholeness.

Take my Love with you everywhere and find the Power within to
be who you wish

Prosperity Spell from Lady Fire Fox

This is something that can be done, alone, on a walk in the countryside, with no extra magical 'tools' or paraphernalia. It is simple magick and down to earth paganism. It can be applied for any need, but is particularly suitable for 'earthy' needs, such as money, housing, jobs, drawing business, and healing.

Take one stone, and speak (or 'think') into it your need. Place the stone firmly on the ground. Take another and repeat, until you have a fair sized mound, or Cairn. As each stone is placed, imagine that the magick is building and that your need is getting nearer to being met.

If you have no stones, you can still do this with imaginary stones, or pebbles, or whatever else seems right at the particular moment.

Prosperity spell from KCJ Windsong Abundance Checks
This is a practical exercise in intention. When you write these checks, you are aligning your intention with the universe, signaling that you are ready and willing to receive.
Doing this every month simply re-affirms that intention.
What are Abundance Checks?
Abundance checks are a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives. They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon.
Surprisingly, you really don't even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will however be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.
If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece of paper and fill it out the same way--the results will be the same, more abundance for you.
Here's how to do them:

1) Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a check from your check book. Where it says "Pay to," write your name.

2) In the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write "Paid in full."

3) On the line underneath your name (or payable to), where you would write out a dollar amount, write "Paid in full."

4) Sign the check : "The Law of Abundance."

Do not put a date on the check.
Do not write a specific dollar amount in the check.
Put in a safe place and forget about it.
The Universe will take it from there.

Many people are skeptical about trying this until they do it. After the first time they realize the power of these checks and do them routinely every month! Try it yourself and see!

If you enjoy this ritual, do it for the next three New Moons and see what happens."

This isn't a spell, but it's interesting information. Thanks to Soromystica for this!

June 21 The Summer Solstice - Litha

Also known as Midsummer's Eve. This was and is the time of sun worship as this is the longest day of the year and a major turning point in the season marking the beginning of Summer. Known as the time of The Games (later known as The Olympics), all manner of athletic competition, divination and prophecy and arts and crafts contests. This time was celebrated by visiting the 'pleasure gardens' of ancient Egypt. In these areas there was beautiful landscaping of trees, flowers and waterfalls interspersed with all sorts of activities. The modern day equivalent is an amusement park.

This was the time one could see the faeries. It is important to make pathways of stones in your garden for the faeries to hop around on as they dance. They also like a water feature such as a pond or birdbath.

This was and still is an important time for Handfastings and summer romance. And our honeymoons and modern day vacations to the ocean are like the old pilgrimages to the sea to cleanse the body in the sea salt water.

Divination and prophecy were very popular at this festival since everyone wanted to know who they would fall in love with and marry. Many herbs and incenses and oils were used to induce prophetic dreams. Fortunetelling abounded.

Symbols and Decorations
- The Great Solar Wheel of the Zodiac (later the Ferris Wheel)
- Dried Flower Wreaths
- Potpourri
- Seashells

Yellow, sea green, coral, pink (rose)

Flowers of Power
- Daisy - lust and love
- Lavender - love, protection, chastity, longevity, purification, happiness and peace
- Jasmine - love, money, prophetic dreams, affects emotional center, induces sexual desire
- Chamomile - money, sleep, love, purification
- Daffodil - magickal influence love
- Iris - love, psychic awareness, purification and wisdom, the shape of the Iris is that of the scepter, symbol of power and majesty
- Mimosa - produces psychic dreams, love
- Narcissus - love, manifest new relationship, enrich an existing relationship
- Rose - love, aphrodisiac
- Lily of the valley - recall of old information and past lives
- Patchouly - arousing sexual desire
- Calendula - produces psychic dreams
- Elder - 'the flower of fairyland', if you stand under an elder tree on Midsummer's Eve you will see the King of Fairyland ride by attended by all his entourage

- Mugwort - psychic powers, prophetic dreams, astral projection,
- Cardamom - arouses sexual desires
- Caraway - attract and keep love

Five herbs were thought to have special magical properties on this night
- Rue - healing, health, mental powers, exorcism and love
- Roses - love, psychic powers, healing, love divination, luck, protection
- St. John's Wort - health, protection, strength, love, divination, happiness, used to protect against negative influences, thunder, lightning, fire and witches, St. John's Wort is so detested by evil spirits that they fly off at a whiff of its odor
- Vervain - love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep, healing
- Trefoil - grounding powers, deep connection with the Earth

Incense and Oils
- Frangipani (also known as Plumeria) - love
- Cedar - healing, purification, money, protection
- Basil - love, exorcism, wealth, flying, protection
- Sandalwood - protection, wishes, healing, exorcism, spirituality
- Rosemary - love stimulator
- Ylang ylang - powerful aphrodisiac
- Ginger - aphrodisiac
- Honeysuckle - psychic awareness
- Neroli - self-purification, aphrodisiac

Stone of Power
- Sunstone - joyful, light-inspiring stone to encourage health and growth in the garden, a sunstone can be buried in each of the garden beds. Otherwise, any large garden crystal will do as ornamentation.

Ancient Egyptian Fumigation for expelling disease demons

Needs: calamus/ sweet flag, coriander, juniper, myrrh, charcoal block, matches, censer

Light charcoal and allow to heat. Meanwhile, grind all ingredients together in a single bowl. When charcoal is gray, burn the ground up herbs.

If you need to fumigate a large space, it is not necessary to grind the herbs.

Juniper berries were burned in French hospitals as a disinfectant many centuries later.

- Thanks to Rob Morini for this spell

Financial Crisis Better Business Spell

This increased power business bath is considered an emergency spell. It provides temporary relief in times of crisis. Save it for use ONLY during truly hard times and crises. It is most powerful when performed at the new moon. DO NOT be tempted to perform this spell at every new moon. It loses its effectiveness when used too frequently.

Needs: dried or shredded fresh basil, dried or fresh parsley, coriander seeds and/or fresh coriander leaves, cinnamon, brown sugar, grated fresh orange zest, fresh orange leaves (optional), boiling spring water, heat resistant bowl, strainer

Make a strong infusion of the herbs by pouring boiling spring water over them. Allow liquid to cool. Fill a bathtub half full. Strain botanicals. Stand naked in the bathtub and toss the infusion over yourself. Sit or recline in the water, soaking for seven minutes. Pray and petition for help for the entire period. Visualize your prayers being fulfilled. After seven minutes, drain water and air dry.

- Thanks to Rob Morini for this spell.

Spell for conjuring up more business

This is a modern adaptation of a Talmudic-era spell. Jewish spells, like ancient Egyptian spells ans modern Chinese magick, often rely on the power of the written word. The original spell might have included sacred words of power, acronyms, and specially chosen Biblical phrases. Incorporate these as you will. There is no substitute, however, for ant hill dust.

Needs: dust from an anthill, parchment paper, pencil or pen, photo of your business or product (this is just to help you focus), lodestone, charm bag

On a piece of parchment paper, write your business goals in the present tense. All the while visualize your goals being fulfilled. Fold up the paper into a very tight little square, always folding toward you. Place the paper, the dust, and the lodestone into your charm bag. Hang the bag discretely in your place of business.

- Thanks to Rob Morini for this spell.

People's understanding and perception of particular spells may have little to do with the original intent. As an example, the shape of the cross used in the following spell has little to do with Christianity. However, if that added association lends power and comfort to you, incorporate it as you will, as many people have. It is a conjure spell from the American South and actually relies heavily on Congolese symbolism. The Congolese use of the cross predated exposure to Christianity and describes the successful life cycle, with profound metaphysical implications. Nickels are the traditional coin of choice for this spell, perhaps because five is considered a strong number of protection and generation. However, any coin may be substituted, provided all seven are of equal value.

Needs raw white rice, glass baking dish, powdered sugar, money drawing powder (see below), seven coins, two red and two green candles, money drawing oil (see below). Mojo bag

Spread a layer of raw white rice in a glass baking dish.
Cover rice with a layer of powdered sugar
Sprinkle Money Drawing Powder on top
Lay 7 coins on top in the form of a cross
Dress 2 red and 2 green candles with Money Drawing Oil.
Place one candle at each arm of the cross.
Burn the candles completely while visualizing your desired goals
Gather up the nickels, some of the powder, some of the sugar, and some of the rice plus any wax remnants that may have formed vaguely lucky shapes.
Place all that into the mojo bag to be worn or kept in your place of business.

Money Oil
Add powdered bayberry and oakmoss to sweet almond oil. Add bits of gold foil or leaf (available at Indian grocers or art supply stores). Rub between your hands as needed or use to dress candles.

Money Drawing Powder #1
Grind the following to a powder:
Calendula blossoms
Chamomile blossoms
Cinquefoil (five fingered grass)

Money Drawing Powder #2
Grind the following to a powder:
Dried parsley

Sprinkle over wallets, checkbooks, cash registers, candles, or use in spells

Prosperity Powder
Grind the following to a powder:
Orange zest

Sprinkle a circle of powder around a green candle and burn the candle.

- Thanks to Rob Morini for this spell

Elemental love spell from www.paganmagic.co.uk

Pink Candle
A small piece of paper
Doves Blood Ink
Chalice with water
A handful of earth
Rose Essential Oil
A small fireproof dish or burner

On the paper write the name of the one you love three times. Once that is done sprinkle a little of the earth on top, then add a drop of rose oil to the water before sprinkling a little of that on the paper and soil. Fold the paper up.

Light the candle and burn the paper packet into the dish, while picturing the one you love.
Take the dish of ash outside and while blowing the ash to the four cardinal points recite this charm:
"By the powers of Earth,
Water, Air and Fire,
Fill my life,
With Love and Desire.
So mote it be"

- sent to me by Forevrgoddess

Adapted from Llewellyn's spell- a- day-2005
By Kristin Madden
Amethyst Protection Spell

Amethyst is known to balance energies and bring strength, stability, and peace to its bearer. While it is powerful stone, it backs up it's protective energies by bestowing a sense of warmth and comfort. Find an amethyst that feels strong yet welcoming to you. Run it under clear water for 3 minutes while visualizing all unwanted energies flowing out of the stone. Allow the water to carry these bad energies away for purification. Now sit with your stone and ask it to partner with you for protection. Imagine yourself living your life with the strength based knowledge that you are being protected on all levels of being. Fill the stone with these energies. For added measure, sit under the full moon and ask the Goddess to bless this stone as well. Give her thanks when you are done. Carry this amethyst with you for at least seven day to attune it to your energies and form an effective partnership. Carry this amethyst with you for at least seven day to attune to your energies effective partnership.

Cleansing negativity and absorbing healing, written by Windspirit

Items Required:
1 White Candle for Positive Energy
1 Black Candle for Negative Energy
1 Green Candle for Healing Energy

Light your preferred scent of Incense;
ear you mind completely.

Once your mind is clear; light the white candle & say:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Spirit; I ask
thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies.

Light the black candle & say:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Spirit; I ask
thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies.

Light the green candle & say:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Spirit; I ask
thee to free & heal my body from all negative forces.

Blessed Be!

Do this in a quiet room, as I prefer the bathroom
so that you can have a calming and relaxing hot
bath ready to get into. Sit back, close your
eyes, keep your mind clear for at least 15
minutes. As I am in the bath, I inhale through my
nose at the same time saying the words in my head,
Breathe in the Positive, hold a few seconds, then
exhale through the mouth at the same time saying
the words in my head, Release the Negative. After
several times of doing this I feel a load being
lifted from me, relax totally and when I feel
ready, get out of the bath, drain the water and I
feel fresh and renewed.

This I do as often as I feel the need. It's
especially good if you live a very hassle filled
day or work in an office or work where there is a
lot of stress and tension.

Binding spell

This spell should be done at the dark of the moon.
Needs: a piece of cardboard, a pencil or pen, black yarn, a "need" fire

Cleanse your space and cast a circle, calling on your favorite Crone
Write on the cardboard all the behaviors you want to bind.
Wind the black yarn around the cardboard 21 times, chanting as you bind, once for each line of the chant:
With the thread of your crimes
Of your own design
I bins your evil
Three time seven times.
I bind you from behind;
I bind you from before
That you'll hurt me and mine
Never, ever more!
I bind you from the left;
I bind you from the right;
I bind you by day,
And I bind you by night.
I bind you from below;
I bind you from above
That you may ever know
The laws of life and love.
I bind you with your own
Good conscience within,
And so let this magic
And spin.

Tie the ends of the yarn with three sturdy knots to seal the spell. Burn the wrapped up cardboard in your need fire until there's nothing left but ashes. As you burn the cardboard say:

Goddess of darkest night
Send our troubles to flight!
Burn them in your sacred fires
And replace them with our hearts' desires!

Visualize something positive to fill the gap where the negativity had been otherwise new negativity will enter the gap you've created.

Thank the fire and your favorite Crone and then open your circle.

- Spell written by Shekhinah Mountainwater

Spell to get pregnant

Do this on a Monday as close to the new moon as you can.

Needs: 1 white candle, one dark red candle, and 1 orange candle, 3 candlesticks, matches, some pine or patchouli or mistletoe, a charcoal block, a censer, a red altar cloth, and bubbles and a bubble pipe, rosemary

Set up your altar with the candles in the middle of the altar, going from left to right the white candle, the red candle, and the orange candle. Place the censer between air and fire and the bubbles between water and earth. Place some flowers on the altar if you like. Red is good but really any color will do.

Take a bath. Make it a bubble bath if you can. Use some of your favorite perfume in the bath water too. Lie back and relax, filling yourself with visions of the beautiful baby you're going to have. When you are through, dry off, but do not dress.

Light charcoal and allow to heat.

Cleanse your space by sprinkling a little sage or rosemary around the perimeter.
Cleanse your aura by sprinkling a little rosemary over yourself.

Close your circle

Sit facing North. Now talk to Sarah, the Hebrew Goddess of health and fertility.

Repeat this spell three times. Each time you do light a candle, beginning with the white candle.

"Sarah, Goddess of fertility,
Brings a child to (husband's name) and me.
She blesses us with a baby dear
Whom we can nurture and hold so near.

Bless me Sarah! Bless me Sarah! Bless me Sarah!"

When all the candles are burning, light the incense. Wave the smoke toward you. Breathe it in.

"I breathe in the incense of fertility sweet.
My dreams of a child are fulfilled and complete."

Go into a trance and feel your body growing with the pregnancy. Feel the heartbeat. Feel your skin stretch around the child. And feel the birth. Push that child out! Hear that child's first cry! Feel the warmth of that naked child on your now flat belly. Feel your breasts ache with the milk for the child. Bring the child to your breast and nurse her. When you are ready, return to ordinary consciousness.

"It is done! As I say it, so it is!"

To celebrate, blow the bubbles. Watch how they multiply, how they play in the air and on all the surfaces. Watch the rainbows in them. Take as much time as you want doing this. This is the multicolored, animated joy your little one will bring to you.

When you are ready thank Sarah and the candles and the herbs you burned. Thank the bubbles for expressing your joy. Open the circle and put things away knowing that the spell has been cast.

New Mother Spell

Know a new or soon-to-be mom? Buy a mirror for her room or hallway and make or buy a baby blanket for her and her new child. Think of all the good wishes you want to bestow upon them both while purchasing or making it. When done, take the mirror, look into it, and say: In love, your reflection will echo back between the years, 'tween mother and a child. May precious memories, through this mirror, reflect all the blessings I have for you. Love, long life, and joys to discover: protect this bond between child and mother.

Wrap the mirror in the blanket and then present them both as gifts. Instruct her to hang it somewhere where she and her child will pass often.

- By: Nancy Bennett

Gathering tree strength

Trees are ancient beings. They are keepers of the life force. They receive nourishment from Mother Earth and Father Sun. To gain power from a tree and to receive the same magical energy which they possess, remove three hairs from your head and tie them together with ordinary garden twine. Go to a wooded area where you won�t be disturbed. Walk around until you find a tree you�re attracted to. It should represent the powers you�re looking for: a pine tree for longevity, or an oak tree for strength, etc. Tie your bundle of hair to a longer piece of twine. Wrap the twine about the tree trunk and tie as you say, �With hair and twine, my strength is yours, and your strength is mine.� You and your sacred tree are now bound, from toe to crown.

- By: James Kambos

Feline blessing

For this spell you will need an envelope decorated with Egyptian symbols of good luck and blessing, some clippings of your cat�s hair and your own, and a picture of your most beloved feline familiar. Set up this altar in the Sun, near an area where your cat likes to bask. Spread your altar with cat stuff�her favorite toys, catnip, etc. Place the picture and hair in the middle and say:

Beloved cat,

beloved friend,

May our friendship

Never end.

From whiskers� edge

To tip of tail,

May Bast protect

Without fail.

Nine times nine

Your life and mine,

In Bast�s blessing,


Seal the envelope with both sets of hair and picture inside. Place it high on your mantle or shelf near the heart of your home (or somewhere special to your cat). Open the catnip, invite your cat up for a cuddle, and have a purrfect ending to this spell.

- By: Nancy Bennett

Tis the eve of Beltane and the fairies are out in force. Here is a fairy spell to work in your own garden or backyard. Gather together violets, St. John�s wort, and clover. The violets are a fairy favorite. The St. John�s wort will protect you from becoming fairy-led or tricked, and the clover is for prosperity and good luck. Gather these plants together, forming a little posy, and then tie it up with green ribbons. Blow the fairies a kiss and leave the posy as a gift. Now go and sit in the garden and try to meditate or to communicate with the fairies.

Fairies from far and wide,

I offer you a gift,

Tied up in green for luck,

And sealed with a kiss.

I can sense you

If I�m pure of heart,

Bless me with good luck

To boost my Witch�s art.

- By: Ellen Dugan

The Pagan holiday of Beltane celebrates the vibrant attraction and union of the Goddess with the God. This meditation can be done quietly or can be part of a large exuberant ritual of dancing and song. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Take three more deep, cleansing breaths. As you breathe deeply, find yourself outdoors in a beautiful, wild place. As you stand there, you feel the heartbeat of the Earth. It sounds like a drumbeat, and your blood throbs in harmony. Before you stands the May Maiden and the Young God. Each takes one of your hands and leads you in a dance. You dance in a circle and then inward in a spiral. Inward you dance, as the heartbeat drums a rhythm. As you move into the drumbeat and feel the joyous laughter of the Maiden and the God, you let go of all inhibitions that hold you back from understanding a full connection to the ecstatic, loving universe. Time stops as you dance and spiral inward into the eternal. Your heart and blood beat in unison with the dance as you move onward, inward, and fully into yourself and all-that-is. When it is time, come back fully to your time and place. Thank the Maiden and the Young God for the dance of heart and soul.

- By: Gail Wood

Sunday is the day of the week to promote wealth, fame, and success. Since we are in the darkest phase of the Moon, let�s banish any roadblocks that may be hampering your achievements. Burn a gold candle to promote prosperity and success. Burn a black candle to remove any blockage or troubles while on your journey. Light the candles and then repeat the spell verse.

It is true that Sunday brings Success, wealth, and fame. A dark Moon removes Any blocks you�d care to name. Bring me change and joy to All facets of my life, As the candles burn away, On this darkest night.

- By: Ellen Dugan

March 5th, 2008

Color of the day: Yellow

Incense of the day: Marjoram

On this day in 1783 the parachute was first demonstrated. There are times in our lives when we need to shore up our courage and do the thing we fear. To tap into our own valiant nature, gather together a red candle and a yellow candle, an object such as a charm, pendant, rock, or shell to serve as a talisman, and rose incense. Light the incense, breathe, and say, "Courage be in me!" Light the red candle and say, "Banish fear, boldness be in me!" Light the yellow candle and say, "Sunlit power and success be in me!" Call in the deities and elements

according to your practice and ask the deities and elements to focus their blessings of courage and boldness into it. Then encircle the talisman with the incense, and the candles. Close your hands around it and say, "Empower this reminder to say I am powerful, bold, courageous, and strong. I have the words and I have the guts to do what must be done. As I will it so mote it be!" Extinguish the candles, say goodbye to the powers, and carry the talisman as a reminder.

- By: Gail Wood

Almonds hold the power to attract money and prosperity. Keeping one in your wallet just might bring you more cash. Take one sliced almond and carve three dollar signs on it. Hold it as you visualize your wallet filling with cash. Tell yourself that you deserve this money-and believe it. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, blow this intent onto the almond. Taking all the dollars out of your wallet, fold them in half toward you with the almond in the center of the fold. As you fold, chant,

Money, money, plentiful,
Make my wallet mighty full.
Money, money overflowing,
Keep my cashflow ever growing.
Place the almond billfold in your wallet and expect that cash to continue to multiply.

- By: Kristin Madden

Spell for undoing falsehoods

Feeling like you have been unjustly accused of something you did not do? Have you had the finger pointed at you by coworkers or friends? Call upon Rhiannon to work in your defense. You will need stones, horsehair (or picture of a horse), bird feathers, a white candle, and a cauldron. Outside your home or in a special place, make a stone circle. Gather together the horsehair (or picture) and some bird feathers and place these inside the stone circle. Light the candle. Say:

Rhiannon, thou who was falsely accused. Rhiannon, share with me thy strength. To stand firm in the face of injustice. To let the truth be known.

Move the stones and enter the circle. Place the horsehair and feathers in the cauldron and light them. As they burn, visualize yourself accepting apologies from those who accused you. When the ashes have cooled they can be carried as a talisman in a bag.

- By: Nancy Bennett

Valentine's Day Spell (this can be adapted to any need you have)

{NOTE: I have a 24" cord of each color and in my aroma therapy burner I have added the following Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Lemon Grass. I also have my Goddess and God candles lit} I take these cords of Pink and Gold and Blue. And as I braid them I will be thinking of you.

I am tying this first knot near in one end of the braid, seeing you wrapped in happiness.

I tie the next knot, seeing you feeling safe and secure. the next four knots are for the blessings the Elements will bestow. The seventh and final knot is for the Goddess and her love devine.

I will keep this cord safe until I can give it in offering to the Goddess on the next full moon.

I call to

Earth, to bind this spell,
Air, speed its travels well.
Fire, give it spark from above,
Water, quench my spell with love.

- ~July EveningStarr

Spell for self-confidence

According to surveys, public speaking is the number one fear of Americans. Still, it's required of most people at least once, whether presenting at a meeting or toasting a friend's wedding. Rather than letting the fear make you wobble and mutter "Um" too often, try this spell to stay cool and confident while all eyes are on you. Set aside some time to practice your speech. Even thirty-second speeches require practice. Take a piece of paper large enough to stand on, and draw the Sun and the glyphs for Mercury and Jupiter. See each symbol glowing as you place your feet on the paper; let that glow climb up your body and through the crown of your head. Practice your speech a few times, and allow the glow to flow through you and out your mouth. On the day of the speech, feel yourself glow on stage, knowing you're prepared.

- By: Diana Rajchel

Medicine Wheel
By Kate Wolf

When the morning breaks and sunlight warms my
In the east the Eagle flies and the Redtail
proudly soars,
I'm on my way
To the place of the Spirit One.
Grandfather hear me now, I am on fire.
Let the Sundance guide me feet to your desire.
Show me visions for my eyes,
In words like gold that shimmer in the sky
Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah

When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to
I look within to the Shaman's Mysteries
I'm on my way
To die and live again.
Grandmother if I cry, give me rest
I take my place with the woman in the west.
Show me the Raven and the Bear
The way of herbs and the black obsidian.
Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah

Turn toward the south, like the water I will run.
Innocence and trust, a Moonchild's song is sung.
I'm on my way
To the place of the sacred plants
My emotions and my will at their command
The Turtles voice is heard upon the land
The wise Coyote prowls
And Rattlesnake will call me to the dance
Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah

In the deepest night the stars watch over me
Old Woman of the North my mind seeks clarity
I'm on my way
To the place of Northern Winds
Let the Thunder and Lightning carry me
Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep
The Owl and the Buffalo
My dreams crystal magic medicine.
Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah, Ha ee Yah

Copyright 1983 Another Sundown Publishing Co.
By Kate Wolf
Album: 'Give Yourself To Love'
official website: http://www.katewolf.com/

Protection spell

If you feel you're the subject of a curse or psychic attack, or if you've had a run of bad luck, try this spell. On a piece of plain paper write out the problem. If you suspect a specific person of causing you harm, keep the individual in mind. Write an affirmation declaring you'll no longer be a victim. After writing your affirmation, smudge the paper with soot and crumple the paper. Build a ritual fire or light a work candle. As the flames grow, sprinkle ground cloves over the fire for purification. Toss the crumpled paper into the flames. Watch it be consumed and speak these words in a firm voice:

From paper to fire,
From fire to ash,
From ash to ember,
This curse must surrender.
So mote it be!

- By: James Kambos

Crocus flowers are among the earliest to bloom each spring. They represent perseverence and cheer amidst adversity, blooming even in the snow. According to Ovid, the crocus was named for a youth who was transformed into this flower. Here is a fun little divination you can do to see what the coming season holds. Find a park, botanical garden, or residential neighborhood where you can walk safely and enjoy the spring flowers. Watch for the first crocus you spot. Its color will give you a hint of what's to come. White: truth, safety, peace. Yellow: change, communication, joy. Purple: spirituality, psychic power, counteracting negativity.

- By: Elizabeth Barrette

To seal a spell:
One for the sun that burns so bright,
Two for moon that shines at night,
Three completes a sacred vow,
Let three begin what we do now ~
Four for four directions green,
Five the center still unseen,
Six for balance, seven the test,
Eight the challenge, nine for rest,
Ten when we begin again.
Round about the circle goes
Dark to light and back it flows
Now the sacred rite begins,
Round about the dancers spin
I call the Quarters Four to me
I call the sacred two to me
Lord and Lady of the Law
Be her now, and heed my call
Round about and three times three,
The power raised I draw to me!

~Anne Kelleher, "Silver Bane"
Luna books 2005

This is not a spell but it is an interesting piece of information.

Some Curanderos in Amazonia, Peru, invoke the directions first facing East, then West, South and North.

To the East, the place of insight and rebirth, I send a prayer.

To the West, the place of death and wisdom, I send a voice.

To the North, the place of clarity and cleansing, I offer respect.

To the South, the place where Amaru, the serpent spirit, dwells and teaches healing and the spiritual powers of plants in the green place of reproduction and regeneration, I sing a song.

To the Four Winds, I cast my spirit, open my heart, release my soul, and surrender to my destiny.

Grant me the wisdom to understand the sacred in nature.

Icinia, my friend on My Space, sent me this healing spell.

Simple Healing Spell

Done during the waning Moon

Items needed:
Very small clear crystal
White candle
Lavender oil
Pinch of dried rose petals
Dash of cinnamon
Pinch of peppermint leaves
Dash of African ginger
Sandalwood incense
Hair or nail clippings and/or piece of clothing belonging to of the one needing healing*optional*

1. Purify your body by either bathing, meditation, or visualization
2. Cleanse your surrounding space.
3. Light your candle and incense. Then center and ground yourself
4. Create your circle calling upon the elements
5. Take your clay and add the spices mixing well, using the lavender oil to make the clay malleable. Visualize your intent during the whole process
6. Shape the clay into the form of the person asking to be healed
7. Place the clear crystal into the area that must be most concentrated upon for healing
8. Place the nail clippings or hair if using into the appropriate area
9. Carve the name of person to be healed into the clay or use a sigil
10. If clothing is to be used dress the poppet
11. Add the feather to poppet while still moist
12. Now ask the Goddess Brigit to bless the poppet with healing and thank her
13. Lay the poppet upon your altar and say: Though separate you were, now you are one, the link of unison has begun
14. Thank the elements and close your circle
15. Ground yourself- drink of mead and eat some bread
16. Now wrap the poppet in a white cloth and place in a safe area till the magic has manifested.
17. Once done, take the poppet apart and bury it, severing the connection as you do so by saying: By the moon and stars and Goddess above, I now sever this link with thanks and love.

This is a fast and fun spell you can drum, clap, sing, chant, think whenever you get worried about money. Children love this one too and it is a right antidote to thinking of money as being this horrible dour black nasty thing you still can't get enough of! Terri

Money In My Pocket

Money in my pocket
and money in my hand
money in my home
and money in my bank

Money streams towards me
and makes its home with me
its easy and its wonderful
as counting 1-2-3!

...and ...

There's money in my pocket
and money in my hand,
money in my home
and money in my bank.

Wherever I shall go
and whatever I may do
I clearly state the fact
its true and it is so!

NB: You can now loop this by repeating this verse:

Money streams towards me
and makes its home with me
its easy and its wonderful
as counting 1-2-3! .
.. and there's ...

... and starting the whole thing all over again.

Try this with some friends just for fun and drum the beat on the table, it's a great friendly fun spell that leaves a smile and a giggle in the air.

Another prosperity spell is to get a roll of dimes and drop a dime at a time in various places. The silver is of course an attractor, and spreading prosperity around brings it to us. The idea is to drop the dime where no one will yell at you, "Yoo, hoo--did you drop this dime?" That happened to me in a grocery store bank branch. I'm told it also works with pennies. When I walk, if I see a coin on the sidewalk, I pick it up and say, "For those in need." That includes me, of course. When I get home, I lay the coin on my Dame Fortuna altar.

- Barbara Ardinger

Samhain Blessings

Blessed Be! oh Guardians
Blessed Be! loved ones and friends
Another year's upon us
As the wheel has turned again

We invite the ancestors one by one
To join us at our meal
We raise our cups in honor
And share memories with zeal

We share a harvest's bounty
And know deep in our hearts
The past must be cleansed away
For the future to start

The veil is at it's thinnest
We walk between the worlds
Diviners bring their instruments
And mysteries become unfurled

And now the witching hour is upon us once again
We share a blessed circle with our loved ones and our friends
Blessed Be to Guardians, To deities and more still
Blessed Be To You, Let The Harvest Your Heart Fill

So Mote It Be!

- by Rev. Brightrose Aradia

Bringing the Money In Spell

For this spell, light some green and gold candles anointed with cinnamon oil. Also, burn some cinnamon, frankincense, and myrrh incense on charcoal. Take five shiny new pennies and hold them in your dominant hand and chant:

When I give away these pennies I see, more money will come to me. So mote it be.

Visualize money being given to you in many forms, like cash, checks, or gifts. When the spell is finished, give the pennies away by buying things, making change, or donating to charity. This simple money spell requires faith that the universe will provide. There also must be a belief in the natural give and take of prosperity: to receive, you must give; to give, you must receive.

- By: Olivia O'Meir

Wednesdays are Mercury days. This day of the week belongs to the winged-footed god Mercury. This makes today a perfect day for casting spells for cunning, speed, and communication. Do you feel like nothing is moving forward in your life? Are you stuck in a rut and want to shake things up? Call on Mercury for assistance-he'll bring change and movement blazing into your life. But remember, Mercury is a trickster. So this spell closes with a tag line, ensuring that the magic unfolds in the best possible way.

Wednesdays are for Mercury, that quick
and nimble god,
A clever and canny soul, on winged feet
he does trod.
I'm stuck in a rut,
so help me to break
gently free,
With no trouble or harm, as I will so mote it be.

- By: Ellen Dugan

Lavender is an age-old remedy for stress. We're fortunate today that we can get bath oils, shower gels, body lotions, and candles with lavender as part of the recipe. When you're feeling especially stressed, take advantage of those modern preparations and take a soothing bath or lukewarm shower using the lavender preparations. Light a lavender-scented candle and put a lavender sachet inside your pillowcase. Breathe deeply as you rub lavender-scented skin softener over your body. Let the magic of lavender soothe your mind as well as your body. As you lie down to sleep, breathe deeply, in and out, and envision the lavender calming your body and mind.

By the power of herb from antiquity,
My body is rested, my mind is free.

- By: Paniteowl

Throughout the month of October, farmers worked hard to bring in the grain harvest during the good weather (and before the end of the year at Samhain). In Ireland, as part of the harvest celebration, small ornamental twists or knots of braided straw were created and worn as a sign that the harvest was completed. These were made throughout the harvest season, and were also worn at the "Harvest Home" supper. Women wore elaborately created knots with the grain ears still attached, and men wore simpler knots without the ears. Patterns for harvest knot-making are easy to find online. After soaking the straw, think about what prayers or magical work you would like to weave into the harvest knot. Repeat your charm or prayer as you make your magical autumn weaving.

- By: Sharynne NicMhacha

After a storm, walk through the woods looking for trees that have been damaged by the winds. When you see a broken limb, look closely at the tree where the break occurred. If you find sap running at the break, gently scrape a bit of the sap into a plain white envelope. Put a picture of yourself in the envelope. Mark the envelope with the sign of the pentacle and bury it near the base of the tree. Ask the tree to shelter you from harm and keep you safe. Promise the tree that you will care for it as well. Use a sealant on the tree at the point where the limb broke off, and add fertilizer to its roots.

- By: Paniteowl

Are you a little short on cash? Then banish those money woes with this little spell. This would be a good spell to use before selling items online or holding a yard sale. You will need play cash (like Monopoly money), a green candle, and some rosemary essential oil. Anoint the candle with the oil, thinking of your bills marked "paid" and your pantry full. Place the play cash under the candle and light it. Hold your hands on either side of the candle and infuse it with your will. Visualize your wallet full of money, your bank account well in the black, and your needs generally met. Let the candle burn for the hour and it is done.

- By: Laurel Reufner

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Our images of self are so low that we sabotage our own successes by listening to that vicious inner voice that tells us bad things about ourselves. When we believe these internal lies directed at us, we clothe ourselves in the garments of failure. This simple poppet spell can be hand sewn with a needle and thread, or you can use a sewing machine, which was patented on this day in 1846. On a plain piece of fabric that generally matches your skin tone, draw a simple outline of a person, marking in some way your attributes according to gender and body type. Cut out two of these outlines. Go into a meditative state with these two fabric pieces in your hand. Envision what you are when you do not listen to this negative voice. Envision yourself clothed in talent, success, pride, beauty, and power. Still in meditation, open your eyes and, using various pens, crayons, and other implements, write or draw symbols and adjectives that describe you as you envisioned. Keeping your vision in mind, chant, "Sew be me" as you sew those two pieces of fabric together with the drawn sides facing inward, leaving an open space at the head. Stuff the poppet with quilt batting or cotton balls. Be sure to include any other herbs, small gemstones, or beads that enhance your inner strength. Finish off the poppet and draw the facial features. Clothe the poppet in fabric and decorate it beautifully. Keep the doll in a safe place, visiting it often, until your role as your own worst enemy disappears. Then lovingly take the doll apart and bury the parts in Mother Earth, thanking her for your strength and wisdom.

- By: Gail Wood

A solar eclipse occurs as the Sun casts the Moon's shadow across the Earth. It unites the powers of Sun and Moon, light and darkness, logic and intuition. It is "a day without a night, a night without a day," magically suspended from normal routines: a cosmic exception that proves the rule of Sun and Moon. An eclipse is a perfect time for changing patterns. Use its power to break curses, bad habits, and so forth. Choose a small item representing what you want to dispel. At the time of the eclipse, take the item far from your home. Hold it and concentrate on all that binds and limits you, symbolized by this object. Then say:

Eclipse, break
through the past
Smashing all
that held me fast.
Shadow come,
shadow go,
Take this nasty
thing I throw.

Throw the item as far away from you as possible. Quickly bury it where it falls, then say:

Hide it far, far away
Lost between the night and day.
Leave it there, let it be,
Never more to
trouble me!

Cover the site with fallen leaves or grass to obscure it. Then walk away without looking back.

- By: Elizabeth Barrette

Harness the power of Mercury, the winged messenger, to carry away an unwanted presence. Remember to act instead of reacting to a situation, and don't let yourself feel out of control or controlled by others. Use this spell to correct an unpleasant situation. Use incense of frankincense, dragon's blood, and sage to smudge the area, and sprinkle a few drops of cedar oil on the ground or floor, or draw a pentacle or other protective symbol with the oil. Visualize negative energy being dispersed into harmless neutral energy. Imagine a shield surrounding you.

Unwanted presence
now be gone,
Trouble me no more.
I banish this
unwelcome force,
Trouble me no more.
Cause me no more pain,
Go back from where
you came,
Trouble me no more.

- By: Ember