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February snow 2014

Another view

And a third. I hope these are the last snow pictures I take this year! The bird feeder--where the action is.

Snow sculpture. I had nothing to do with the making of this. The snow and the wind did that.

Front yard in snow

Cosmos. Such a lovely, old-fashioned flower!

Lavender. Don't you just love lavender!

Maple hydrangea taken from the deck. I don't really like this kind. The flowers blosson one at a time instead of all at once, thus this plant doesn't have that lovely snowball effect

Daylilies in the front yard

Azalea at the side of the house

Chives on the other side of the house

White columbine in the side yard

purple columbine nearby

Japanese maple in the front yard

Lilies of the valley nearby in the front yard

perennial geranium in the side yard

one of the roses I just planted in the front yard

Miniature lilac by the front door

One of two identical pots of flowers on our front step

Dogwood very near our front door

Yours truly delivering cookies at a friend's party

Weeping cherry in the front yard

Redbud in the side yard

Azaleas in the front of the house

Rachel Raccoon having a little snack in the rain

I just thought this was such a pretty sight in the back yard

It's daffodil season! YAY!

Lenten roses in the side yard

Witch Hazel--always the first to blossom

The deer family pays a visit

At home in the snow.

We had some snow.

Autumn came late to us here.

Our driveway

Some of the sedum in the front yard

Praying mantis on the front window

It occurs to me that I never take pictures just of the woods.

I just love mushrooms!

Have I ever mentioned that I love daffodils?

These forsythia are brand new and I couldn't be more pleased with them!

OH YEAH! It's daffodil season again! YAY!

Don't you just love crocus?

And pussy willow turning green already!

Autumn trees


Our Halloween snow

Tyker's cat condo


The dogwood just outside the kitchen window

A longer view of the same tree

HAH! The thief caught red pawed!


Looks like our stray cat has competition for his food!

This is stray cat. He came to us Mother's Day weekend and has stuck around ever since. He has feline leukemia, so I can't take him in. But I do have him set up in the garage with food, toys, a litter box, and several soft places to sleep. Mostly, though, he likes being outside. That's fine in the summer, not so great in the winter. I'm hoping to find him a loving family before the cold weather sets in. My vet says he will probably live a perfectly normal life. But he can't be with other cats. So there it is.

Mother of thyme




Vila and Barrett at the Emporium of Curious Goods in Jim Thorpe PA

Rachel the raccoon taste-testing the bird seed

Aren't peonies simply glorious!

Chives in bloom

Rhododendrons showing off

The first rose on the bush outside my kitchen window

A view of the pergola from my bedroom window

Dogwood tree

Tillie the Turtle comes to visit toting a leaf.


Isn't spring glorious!


More daffodils

PMJs and daffodils

Weeping cherry

Lenten roses

Wild bluebells along the side of our road


Miniature lilac


A carpet of red bus petals


Witch hazel in blossom

Pussy willow in full fuzz

Daffodils! YAY!

After an ice storm

Our first snow of the season

A fire in our hearth

Sally the Squirrel INSIDE the bird feeder

More mums

Our front yard

Our back yard


My friend Jane with me at the book signing at Jim Thorpe

Signing books (DUH!)


Bonnie the bunny stops by to call.

Woody Woodpecker returns


Mother of thyme

Regular lilies just outside the house



Garden phlox



Marigolds for Kwan Yin





Climbing roses

Bush roses


A different variety of peony


Mountain laurel

A precocious lily


Honeysuckle with dogwood in the background


A flower among flowers! LOL! MOI!


Woody the woodpecker visiting our pergola. He�s taken to pecking at our windows, but Cadeau always chases him before I can get a good shot! BAD KITTY! LOL!

HAH! I finally got him. He�s fuzzy. He simply would not hold still for me. But there he is

Miniature lilac

Wood hyacinths at the edge of the woods

White columbine

Pink columbine

Blue columbine. Unfortunately, the wind kicked in just as I snapped the photo.

Perennial geranium









Wood hyacinths along the walkway in front of the house

Wood hyacinths with azalea

A shrub whose name I forget

Muscari along the front walk

Azaleas and a few last gasping daffodils.

Azaleas minus the daffodils

Azalea with accompanying muscari

Another azalea

And yet another

And another

Dora the deer came by with her buddies but I couldn�t get a shot of them.

I just couldn�t help myself. I know these daffodils aren�t in full bloom, but I was so excited to see this little patch of color that I HAD to snap this shot!

MORE daffodils! Oh yes, I am the queen of daffodils!

Lenten Rose (yes I did plant something besides daffodils)

PMJ rhododendron

Weeping cherry

Red buds

Yup! There she is again, having stopped by for a snack.

Donna and Denise Deer in our front yard. (Donna�s on the laft. Look for Denise within the trees. You can see her white tail)

A slightly better picture of Denise

Susan Squirrel come by for a snack

Pergola after 20 inches of snow

The poor beleaguered trellis after the same storm

Yeah there�s a shrub under all that snow. Somewhere.

Priscilla Possum comes to call.

David the deer come by for a snack.

Yes he looks up to hay hey.

Our first snow

A friendly visitor. She had four companions, but I couldn�t get shots of them.

Some autumn color

Lavender STILL blossoming in October!

From the book signing at The Emporium of Curious Goods in Jim Thorpe, PA. Barrett (the owner) and me.

This was just before I closed down for the day

It occurs to me that I have never taken pictures of the woods where I live.

Mums, the queens of autumn

Magic lilies

Maple hydrangeas

Volunteer Shasta daisy

More daylilies

Kwan Yin



Skitter�s grave stone

Honeysuckle. GOTTA love it!


Roses on the pergola


Peony. Boy I love peonies!




Another daylily

Yellow Yarrow

Maple hydrangea

Hydrangea on her way to full bloom

Kwan Yin



More clematis

And still more clematis


Garden phlox

Planters by the front door

Rhododendron with a few irises.

More rhododendron

And yet more rhodies

Azaleas. We both love them!

Miniature lilac

The creeping phlox I just started

Lilies of the valley. I just planted them last year.

Clematis growing up with roses

Peonies, another one of my favorites!


And don�t forget herbs, such as chives

And mother of thyme

And a shrub whose name I cannot remember

Pink mountain laurel

Day lilies

Day lily

Yellow yarrow

One of the weeping cherries


Brace yourself! These are pictures from daffodil season. I tend to lose all control!

Winter visitors

Our winter wonderland.

Our winter wonderland. The arch is the entrance to our pet cemetery.

Weeping cherry in autumn

Japanese maples and mums

More autumn splendor


And so on�

And so forth


MUMS! Oh how I love mums!

And yes we still had roses in November!

Vila and Helen at the Emporium of Curious Goods, 15 Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA on Saturday 18 October. This is before the signing began.

Helen and Vila at the Emporium of Curious Goods, 15 Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA on 18 October 2008. Again, this is before the signing started.

Barrett Ravenhurst, Ph.D., Helen and me during a brief break in traffic at the Emporium of Curious Goods, 15 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA. Barrett owns the store and is a real dear!

A woman waiting for me to sign someone else�s book so she can get hers signed at The Emporium of Curious Goods, 15 Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA.

Isn�t cosmos a beautiful flower!

Butterfly weed. I LOVE it!

Magic lilies


The above are the story boards Rob of Woodwitch Creations offered to people who bought both of my books during the August promotion.

The pictures below are of the plaques he offered to those who ordered either one of my books.

Lilies are so lovely. These are in front of our kitchen window.

A patch of wildflowers

More wildflowers

Garden phlox


Mega mushroom!

And from a different angle

Fairy Plaque

This is the plaque that Rob of Witchwood Creations made for the promotion we did in July. If you�d like to order from him click here.

Clematis climbing the pergola

More clematis

The blossoming dogwood just outside the kitchen window.

Aren�t chives lovely when they blossom!


More columbine

Peony is such a lovely flower, isn�t it?

Can�t get enough of those peonies!

One that hasn�t quite opened yet.

On a peony roll here! There�s no such thing as too many of them though!

Iris is my husband�s favorite flower.

And so I just have to include irises in the pictures.

Therefore I�ve paid due homage to iris.

But in truth I prefer rhododendron.

Roses climbing the pergola

More roses climbing the pergola

Mother of thyme and some other flowers.

One of the bush roses

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