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Lavender in bloom


The stairs to the woods


Periwinkle in bloom


One of our lilacs


Creeping Veronica in bloom


More Lenten roses

So many blossoming trees...

blossoming trees

more blossoming trees

still more blossoming trees










Oh yeah and hyacinths

Lenten roses


Azaleas and daffodils

Our steps to the woods

A bunch of flowering trees

The pet cemetery

My beloved daffodils!

OH YEAH! My beloved daffodils!

More daffodils

More daffodils!

witch hazel

And the witch hazel

Witch hazel in blossom

Forsythia in blossom

The ubiquitous daffodils!

Sunset in our back yard

Our winter wonderland

Our Yule tree. I made all the ornament.

And here are some pictures of our house and yard after an ice storm. Isn't winter beautiful?

Other pictures

The roses and clematis growing on the pergola

Another shot of the pergola with roses

peony bushes

One of the peony bushes

Irises along the front walk with peonies in the middle

 My new office

My new office

The rest of my desk (with a little added bonus)

The book shelves in my new office. The white squares are Velcro. The Velcro is holding up the Plexiglas. We have to put Plexiglas on all upright surfaces because Puck and Cadeau spray.

My altar in my new office. There's more on it now. Some lovely people have given me some wonderful things since I took this photo. I'll take updated photos from time to time. My office used to be part of the porch, and so there's still a window between the laundry room and my office. I like that, actually. So I don't want it removed. You can see by the logs that it used to be an outside wall. I like that too. In fact I love everything about my new office (can you tell?)

Starting at air, there's a hawk I bought. I just love her! And of course the censer is at fire. At water there's a paper rose that a dear friend made for me. And at earth spilling over into water there's a bundle of cinnamon sticks. The witch cat was a Yule gift from someone else, and the huge piece in the middle is a chunk of petrified wood that Helen, my sister of the soul, gave to me. The smoky quartz and quartz geode were gifts from Smoky, a very dear woman I met online.


Our back yard all dressed up in her winter finery.

Yule tree

Our Yule tree

And other photos

Here are some shots of Helen and me at a book signing in Jim Thorpe PA. It was in October at the Halloween Opera, which is not held on Halloween and is not an opera but a craft show. It was held just outside of a wonderful store called the Emporium of Curious Goods owned and operated by Barrett Ravenhurst, a dear man whom I feel privileged to have met. Here we are together early on in the day.

Barrett Ravenhurst, Ph.D., Owner of Emporium of Curious Goods, 15 Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA

Helen, my sister of the soul, and I all done up in full Crone regalia for the occasion. We had SUCH a good time that day!

Chatting with a customer.

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