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Set up the  main altar and quarter altars with whatever is needed

Light illuminating candles


Entering the circle – smudge or anoint and ask:


“How do you  enter the sacred circle?”

Answer: “In perfect love and perfect trust.”


“I honor you as witch of

Enchanted Rose Moon Circle.”



This section is for the officiating priestess to do as others are being smudged and/or anointed. (up to and including the altar blessing)


Acknowledge the presence of the Goddess and that all things (including the God) come from Her:


“Holy Mother, in whom we live, move, and have our being, from you all things emerge and unto you all things return. Please bless this work we do now, that we may feel it flowing from your pleasure and bounty and boundless intelligence. We raise our faces to you  and know that all is yours and so we give our work to you. Blessed Be.”


Cleanse and consecrate the elements on the altar

Place three pinches of salt in the water

Light incense and fire candle

Draw invoking pentacle over each element


“Blessed Be, creature of _____________ (water, earth, air, fire). I cleanse and consecrate you in the name of the Ladies and Lord of Light.”


Cleanse self – Saltwater Purification


Stir the water widdershins (counter clock-wise) release all negativity and blocks

Breathe into the water and Inhale then stir deosil focusing on cleansing the self and preparing for the work ahead. Anoint with water if desired.


“Purification within, purification without.”


Cleanse and Consecrate the altar with the elements


Sprinkle the water and earth and air and pass the fire over and around the altar in a clockwise manner


“I bless this altar. May our celebration and our magic be for the good of all beings. May we honor the Ladies and Lord of Light and be attuned with them and this time of Imbolc.”



Cleanse and consecrate the circle with each element. Stop and honor each direction by raising the element high at each quarter.


Remember: Visualise and know that the powers of the elements surround and fill our circle.

Alerting the Ancient Spirits – walk the circle and ring the chimes at each direction


Casting the Circle and Raising Energy to create an inviting Space for the Gods and Spirits


Needed : Each person should have a white candle in a holder.  We will start the circle  very close together. The priestess will begin by lighting her candle and then will light the person’s, to her left, candle.


Priestess will begin by saying “Share the illuminating light.”

As each candle is lit the person doing the lighting will  say the same.


When all candles are lit we will spread out thereby illuminating the entire circle with candlelight.


Ground and Center

Raise energy to fill circle with inviting energy for the Gods




Call upon the elements ,draw an invoking pentacle at each direction before evoking.


East - Kathy


“Spirits of the east, powers of air come to us upon fresh breezes. Bring to us a new start, clarity, inspiration and cleansing breezes. Refresh our minds and bodies as we look forward to the spring. We welcome you from our hearts. Blessed Be.”



South- Rhiannon


Spirits of the south, powers of fire come to us on the crackling flames. Bring to us the growing light, abundant energy and a zest for life! WE welcome you from our hearts. Blessed Be.”




West - Elfin


“Spirits of the west, powers of water come to us on flowing waters. Bring to us cleansing powers, balanced emotions and dreams to inspire!  We welcome you from our hearts. Blessed Be.




North - Amanda


“Spirits of the north, powers of earth come to us from the mountains, deserts and plains. Bring to us stability, growth, creativity and groundedness! We welcome your from our hearts. Blessed Be.”


Spirit – Isis Rose


“I call upon the Spirit which is in all things, that which brings all beings together. Grant us wisdom , transformation and an ever-brightening spirit so we may stand proudly and with love amongst  those in the craft of the wise. Blessed Be.”




Evocations of the Goddess and the God


Before we call the Goddesses and the God that will be especially honored tonight each lady take this time to call upon your Goddess to stand with you in the circle.

One at a time out loud, please.


Light Goddess and God candles




“Great Goddess Brigid, Lady of Fire, healing, poetry and smith-crafting we invite you to our circle. The time of birthing and new growth are upon us. Honor us with you presence and share your powers with your daughters. On this your day we honor you as is only right. Blessed Be.”


Isis Rose


“Lucina, Lady of Light. Goddess of the new born babes first sight. Come to us on this Imbolc night. Light our way as we go into Spring. Bless us with your insight and wisdom. Shine on our lives as we begin our new projects. Bring inspiration and fresh starts. We honor and welcome you as Goddess of the Sparkling Light. Blessed Be.”




God Invocation


Lord of Life, Lord of Light, hearken to this Imbolc night. Lord of Growth bless your daughters with the seed of new beginnings and fresh starts. Fill us with fertile energy for the year ahead. We honor you on this night and in this circle. May we feel your presence tonight and always. Blessed BE!









Statement of Purpose



Isis Rose will speak on this:

Goddess as Maiden

God as Young Lord of Light Growing as the Sun grows stronger

Spring is coming

Time of Purification and Preparation (Spring Cleaning, Blessing)

Major time  for Protection of Home

Harmony in Relationships

Setting things right if needed

Magick for fertility – beginning new projects

Magick for energy


Offering to the Goddess and God


Into the flames



Do the magickal work


Working Meditation


Need cut straw for this and yarn


Create Brigid’s cross while letting your mind roam to the journey ahead and the manifestation of your projects.


After creating the Brigid’s cross raise energy ,while holding your major goal as your focus ,using this chant:


“Fire, Fire growinghigher, bring to us what we desire!”



Raise the Cone of Power when the power peaks send it off by throwing hands in the air and releasing the energy.


Ground or Release excess energy.




Need your cleansed and consecrated Runes


Pick one or three runes to answer a question for yourself on the year ahead and the manifestation of your goals. You can also ask for wisdom to guide you on your path. This is personal. Let the runes speak to you.









An offering and sharing of cream and cakes.


Bless the Cakes and Cream


May use own words or this:


 “Blessed be these cakes which are the gifts of the Lady and the Lord .

“Blessed be this Cream gift of our Lady and Lord.”


As we pass the libations say:


“May you never hunger.”

May you never thirst.”


Thank the Goddess and the God in own words. Each of us get to do this!



Release the elements




“Powers of (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) I thank you for your presence here. Thank you for lending your powers of ________________  in our magick circle. Hail and farewell until next in circle we dwell.”


Use the powers that were asked for when we called the quarters.



Open the circle/sphere


Each lady will pick up her candle and starting at the north and going widdershins one person at a time will snuff their candle out. As we do this we will come together as we started. Very close.


“The circle cast on this night, is lifted now by our right. The work is done with harm to none, with love and thanks we set thee free. As we will, so mote it be!”


“The circle is open but never broke, may the love of the Goddess be ever in our hearts. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again!”

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