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White candle
Hair, nail, feather, or piece of familiar
Can be done during any moon phase-the quicker done the quicker found
Dragons Blood incense (Aids in strength and is protective)
1 part Rue (attracting herb)
1 part agrimony (commanding abilities)
1 part maidenhair fern (used for its irresistible vibration)
1 part broom straw (Spiritual offering)
1 part ground ivy (For happy outcome)
6' X 6' purple cloth ( Spiritual contact)
Gold string (success)


Cleanse the area with salt and ground and center yourself
Cast your circle
Starting from the north and circling thrice around saying:


'I conjure thee o circle of power that thou become my scared space
a meeting place of love and truth
a boundary between realms
This space shall be protected
And all within shall be preserved and contained
The power raised within here
So mote it be!"


Light your candle and incense
Lay the purple cloth out and while you are placing the remaining items onto the cloth say these words all the while visualizing and feeling your familiar's energy:


"What has been lost I call to thee
More to me than company
Goddess and God please lend me your ears
Help me to find that which I hold dear
Bring back home my familiar wise
That I may look into her/his eyes
That we may work together again
And it continue as it has always been
Blessed be! So Mote it be!"


Close the cloth with a silver string


Open the circle by saying:


"The circle is open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess and God
Stay within my heart,
Blessed be.


Ground and center yourself by eating and drinking


Take your talisman and hang it at the entrance your familiar normally comes and goes.
It will be a beacon for you familiar to sense and follow home.


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