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New Moon Ritual

Purpose: Inner & Outer Beauty


Things Needed:


Spring Water

 Red Rose

Yerba Santa

Dragons Blood Ink

Vanilla Oil

Floating Orange/Yellow Candle




Pour spring water in your cauldron, sit comfortably and make sure you can see your reflection in the water.  Close your eyes and say:

By this holy light may we see,

The way we want to be.


Now, stare into your reflection and very vividly concentrate on the beauty that you want to attain.  You must concentrate and hold your vision firm then say:                 

Healthy body, mind and soul,

A healthy life is now our goal!


Take red rose in your hand say:

By the power of this perfect beauty,

I seal this spell to do its duty!

(Drop petals into cauldron)


Take Yerba Santa in your hand and say:

By the power of this herbal might,

I seal this spell to do my sight!

(Drop Yerba Santa into cauldron)


Take Vanilla Oil in your hand and say:

By the power of this perfect oil pure,

I seal this spell to do as I ensure!

(Drop three drops into cauldron)


Now take Dragon's Blood Ink in your hand and say:

By the power of this ancient magick secret,

I seal this spell right now this minute!

(Drop one drop of Dragon's Blood Ink into cauldron)


Hold hands over cauldron and say:

Veiled Lady hear our call,

Send your aide unto my spell!


Hooded Lord, hear our call,

Send your aide unto my spell!


Now, close your eyes and we will call in the powers of the ancient Rune Berkana, the Rune of Woman's Mysteries and femininity Divine.  We will begin by whispering and work up to as loud as needed.  The presence of Berkana needs to be felt to work this spell correctly, so we will need to concentrate and work as long as needed to ensure that Berkana is present.  Once you feel Berkana, open you eyes and begin to stir your cauldron deosil, stirring in the energies of Berkana, seeing in the minds eye your vision coming to pass. 


When finished stirring and chanting, anoint forehead and say:

By ancient power we call ye forth,

Work my will, grant this rebirth!


Anoint Solar Plexus and say:

By purity of soul and mind,

I work this spell and so I bind!


Anoint both shoulders saying:

By all the powers here this night,

I work this rite with all my might!


Take a deep breath, anoint lips and say:

By the powers of three times three,

As I will so shall it be.

By all the might of moon and sun,

As I will it shall be done!

(Blow as hard as you can, sending the magick to do as it will!)


Now, in silence, light your floating candle and chant:

Healthy body, mind and soul,

A healthy life is now my goal!

Allow the candle to burn out and allow the waters in the cauldron to sit on your altar for 3 days. Then strain and store your 'Beauty Potion' to assist you on your way! Annoint yourself in the previous way before going out, after a bath or just because!



Lady Celestia is a 3rd Degree in the Black Forest Clan, who balances her time raising her children and working on her magickal studies.  She has worked hard to achieve a magickal blending into her mundane life, and is currently running her Coven along with advanced study into Celtic Shamanism and other alternative Healing Arts. Feel free to contact her with any questions @

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