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Do this spell on the fourth of the month, preferable on a Friday.

Needs: 1 dark green candle, 1 orange candle, candlesticks, matches or a lighter, one stone (peridot or malachite or green tourmaline or emerald or green jade). Censer, charcoal block, dried mint, ground cinnamon, pine oil or mint oil, dark green altar cloth, knife or stylus

Set up altar:
Place the stone in the middle of the altar. Place the green candle to the left and the orange candle to the right. Place the censor behind the stone. Light charcoal and allow to heat.

Cleanse aura.

Close the circle:

Facing east, call on Consivia
Consivia, Roman Goddess of sowing, you who provide the inspiration to see what a fallow field can become, come to us this night. We need your inspiration now.

Facing south, call on Patella
Patella, you who stimulate the crops to grow in summer's heat and sun, come to us this night! We need your stimulation.

Facing west, call on Azer-Ava
Azer-Ava, Russian Goddess of rain, you who feed the soil with prosperity and help the crop to grow, please come to us this night. We need your life-giving rain.

Facing north call on Rucina
Rucina, Roman Goddess of the harvest, you whose power promotes a bumper crop, please come to us this night. We need your power to promote.

Face the northeast call on Ops
Ops, Roman Goddess from whom we get our word opulent, you who are known by other names, among them Consivia, Patella, and Rucina, come to us this night, great spirit of success. We need your power this night.

Dress green candle in pine or mint oil, rubbing in one direction from top to middle and from bottom to middle. As you do say: Candle, candle brings success. Brings (name) a job to give her (him) happiness.

Repeat with orange candle.

Place some mint on the heated charcoal, saying:
Mint brings a job to (name) right away. Gives her (him) a position to make her (him) happy and gay.

Place some cinnamon on the charcoal saying:
Cinnamon brings (name) workplace success.
Her (his) brand new job brings her (him) much happiness.

Carve the name of the person in the green candle. Light the candle.
Carve the type of job desired in the orange candle. Light the candle.

Going clockwise, wave the stone over the candles and the censer saying:.

The power of magic is infused in thee, oh stone of prosperity.
The job you provide offers wealth and much glee.

As I say it, so it is. So mote it be.

Repeat those three lines, clapping hands, saying the words loudly with joy! Build up the energy! Believe it is true! REJOICE! You have just made it so!

Open the circle, counterclockwise, thanking each Goddess beginning with Ops and ending with Consivia.

Ground, releasing excess energy into the earth where it will sprout a new job for the person.

Let the candles burn out on their own. If, for safety reasons, that is not possible, wet your fingers and pinch out the flames. If this spell is for you, hold the stone on your person until you get the job. If it is for someone else, give the person the stone and tell her (him) that he must never be without this stone, even when bathing, until she (he) gets the job.

It is done. Relax. The right job is on the way. No go out there and grasp it!


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