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Altar decorated with pumpkins, Indian corn, and autumn leaves.
Altar cloth is autumn colors (dark green, rust and gold).
One black candle for our ancestors
Gold and silver candle for Goddess and God
Incense frankincense, dragon's blood, myrrh and sandalwood
H.P.S. black robe with silver (see through) over robe (if possible)
Clan members in black

Circle guard: Tonight we are gathered to honor our past and remember the ones who watch over us. Our ancestors are gathered near as we celebrate their passing and the veil between worlds thins. As you enter the circle tonight do so with a sense of wonder and fantasy.

Circle is cast

Participants are soak and smoked then led into the circle

Circle guard: Please turn in the direction of each quadrant as it is called

Call of the quadrants:

Hail Se'phar great dragon guardian of the eastern watchtower lend us your power this night. Ancient spirits of air Thunderbird, Eagle, wise Sylph and graceful hawk come and be with us this night. Wind riders and storm bringers come we invite you to join us. Guardians of intelligence and wisdom aid us in our celebration this night. Welcome and blessed be

So mote it be

Everyone: SO MOTE IT BE!

Hail Ta'mar great dragon guardian of the watchtowers of the south, lend us your power this night. Ancient spirits of fire, Phoenix, Salamander, and Sun come and be with us this night. Gentle spirits of the hearth and of celebration fires from the past come join us. Welcome and blessed be

So mote it be

Every one: SO MOTE IT BE!

Hail Sel'ka great dragon guardian of the watchtowers of the west, lend us your power. Ancient spirits of water the sea serpent, and Undine dolphin and shark come aid us in remembrance of our ancestor's join in our celebration. Welcome and blessed be.

So mote it be.

Everyone: SO MOTE IT BE!

Hail Tel'ethra Great dragon guardian of the watchtowers of the north lend us your power. Ancient spirits of earth, Raven, Wolf, and ancient fawn, gentle gnome and wise elf come and join us. Aid us in our rite this Samhain night.

Welcome and blessed be

So mote it be

Everyone: SO MOTE IT BE!

All turn to face the altar
H.p.s.: I call the above to watch over us I call the below to strengthen us so mote it be

Everyone: SO MOTE IT BE!

Call of the Goddess
H.P.S: Great Mother from who all life flows, Dannu we call to you tonight and ask that you join us in remembrance of your children (lights Goddess candle).
H.P.S.: Great Cerrnunous, father of the hunt we ask you join us this night
In remembrance of those who have gone before (lights god candle).

H.P.S.: This night we come together to celebrate the passing of our forebears and welcome them to our circle. Those spirits who so long ago worshipped freely and those who died for their beliefs all come close to us tonight as the veil thins listen to the words written that follow and remember who you are:

PRIESTESS ;or someone who can put a lot of feelings into the words:
Samhain a remembrance

Starlight shimmers on a moonlit lake reflecting the beauty of the lady as I gaze down at the water. Whispering a silent prayer to her as I mix the incense. Blue flame surrounds the mortar and pestle.

My Blade too shimmers with ethereal fire as I gentle cut each piece of the Goddess's gift and place it in the container.

The others are late in coming wondering where they are I stop in my work and look back toward the woods.

Silently they come from behind the trees
Not my friends but ravenous blood crazed beasts walking on two legs.

In their grasp are iron chains and the symbol of their dementia. Cruelty in their eyes and the scent of victims past upon their skin.

"Flee into the woods run and hide," the air whispers. But so slowly I move and find myself encircled nowhere to run

Rough hands grab and tear at me throwing me to the ground. Fighting struggling until I can fight no more against so many.
Iron manacles around my wrists once free
Weight around my ankles hold down feet that once danced under the full moon, the iron collar cafes my neck.

Chained to a horse I struggle to keep my balance as I'm dragged along unwillingly behind.

The cloak that had once shimmered and sparkled like stars is now tattered and torn from the rocks as I fall and they cut into my flesh the monsters laugh as I strive to regain my footing.

Arriving thirsty and tired before my little house in the glen, I'm forced to watch as they tear apart my home searching for with which to condemn.

My little book they find and the ancient chalice, incense, and healing herbs. Trying in vain to tell them the truth of things I'm knocked to the ground with a mailed fist. Tasting my own blood within my mouth.

Bright flames leap upward like a hungry monster eating the only home I'd ever known. Finding my cat they torture her and then skin it before my eyes.

This has to be a nightmare for I cured many of their ills, made poultices for their injuries and treated sick animals. I do not understand my crimes.

Thrown into a cage at the village
Boundary as the sun begins to rise
Raw wrist tied to wooden bars
As the thirsty floor drinks drops of blood.

A street lined with enemies who had once called themselves friends hurl rotten fruit and refuse at me Witch they scream and devil's whore there are cheers and laughter each time a missile finds it mark

The cart stops at last before the prison gates I am dragged out and taken inside unaware the worst is yet to come

Picked up and tossed down stairs into a dark smelly cell I land on wet straw unable to move
Mercifully sleep claims me at last for a short while I dream of my glen.

Something scurries across my face startling me awake I find my cell has rats. At least they are honest creatures.

Above the door is thrown open as they come to take me before the creature who will question me. Still I do not know why I am here I've hurt no-one.

Sitting behind a table the man who will question me his voice purrs with false sincerity.

He holds my little book and glances through it briefly.
Candlelight glimmers off the engraved pentacle off the chalice my mother had given me. The athame stuck into the table top oak surface scattered about are my herbs and incenses

Scribes sit off to the side ready to take down my every word. I am forced to stand on a wobbly old stool.

Are these things yours he asks?
Yes I answer foolishly
Repent he hisses
From what I ask
Can you not see these things come from the devil?

In my heart at last I know what has happened.
Fear tears at me, I answer him truthfully "no" I do not believe in your devil.
Questions go on and on until I collapse and find my self being dragged back to my cell

There are no windows. I can not tell whether it is night or day the straw is cold and smells of rotting vegetation. My bones ache from the long hours of standing.

Again the monsters come I don't want to go before the inquisitor again. If only I had known what was in store.

I am pulled up the stairs and taken to another part of this evil place I hear screaming growing louder as we draw closer to another door.

It opens slowly revealing a room filled with such devices as to cause the blood to run cold with in me.

They drag me forward and strip me of my cloths and begin to poke me with a sharp awl blood feels warm on my body "find the mark" a gruff voice growls.

An eternity passes and I grow numb from the cold and pain I no longer feel anything. These men now claim they have found their devils mark.

Name your accomplices they demand.
There are none I exclaim.
Liar they accuse
Tell us

Forcing me down onto a hard metal chair covered in spikes they bind me with leather straps.
Again they question me. Who led me to the devil, how did I sign the book? Who are my accomplices?

Again I deny what they ask. I tell them I know nothing of the devil. Warmth seeps through the chair. At first welcome then the chair begins to burn I scream as my flesh starts to blister.

Trying to pull free the spikes push into my arms and back. They pour fat down my back so I will roast more slowly.
Finally tired of this they undo the straps pulling me over to a post where they chain my hands above my head. There is a brazier something is placed within its glowing coals. The poker is white hot when they turn around and show it to me.

I can feel the heat as it draws near my bare breast Death would be welcome.
But it is not to come as the searing metal is pushed into my flesh I pass out screaming

Pain racks my body as I regain consciousness
I am hungry but I can barely move
Each movement sends more waves of agony through my body as I drag myself to the moldy bread on the floor. The water next to it tastes stale.

Again they come and again I am taken to the torture. This time the place me on a table and tie my feet together pull my arms above my head tethering them in place.

Pain racks through me as muscles tear and still they ask the same questions. Bones separate
As they turn the wheel that pulls me apart

This day they drag me before a room full of accusers I am aloud no defense as one after another speak of nocturnal visits and lie about illness and death I have caused.

When at last they put me on the stand it is only that I will back their lies, still I do not break I try to speak the truth but they are deaf to it.
Today they speak of death but it is mine, I am condemned to be burned.

Once again I am placed within a cell this has a window so I can hear them build the pyre. Faggots are piled high around a wooden pole
Tomorrow I die

Time has passed so slowly till I saw the dawn creep over the distant hills now it runs like a deer from the hunter

The sun is now high in the blue sky many have gathered to watch me burn. I am saddened not by my impending death but for their ignorance I weep softly for the many whom I know will follow.

Placed upon the top of the pyre and bound to the stake I must once again listen to the things they accuse me of.

Fire is lit at the bottom of the pile and climbs hungrily upward toward me. Searing my flesh my mind at last releases me from the pain as the skin blackens and melts from my bones.

Before me is my little house and my cat runs to meet me. The woods are quiet. Shimmering light appears as the Lady appears

"Today my child you have come to me and I shall make you a symbol of bravery to all who come after for there will be many." She smiles "your decedents will remember and in sacred places as yet unknown. They will celebrate your memory as my children once again grow in number. They will dance under the stars and gather on the full moon. "

Today we honor our ancestors as we gather under the moon and they smile as we dance and give honor to them for their bravery.

In wooded glen, home and yard we gather unafraid to celebrate and rejoice as the wheel turns

H.p.s.: Tonight we have heard our story and shared in the sadness now as we bless the cakes and wine let us keep our ancestors deep in our hearts

Ancient Mother Dannu, descend and honor us with your blessing fill our hearts with joy (h.p.s. pours small amount into extra chalice and also gives libation for the wee folk) For the wee folk

Everyone: for the wee folk.

H.P.S.: Ancient Father Cerrnunous descends and honor us with your blessing fill our lives with strength (h.p.s. takes a small amount of the cakes and sets a side then picks up another for the wee folk) For the wee folk

Everyone: for the wee folk.

H.P.S. (lights the black candle picks up extra chalice and plate walks to western edge of circle) For the ancestors that they may join in our feast.

Everyone: for the ancestors.
H.P.S.: (walks back to alter Picks up goblet Has helper pick up bread or cakes) May you never thirst blessed be

Helper: blessed be

Helper: May you never hunger Blessed be

H.p.s.: blessed be

Pass out cakes and wine

H.P.S.: Dannu, mother of the universe we thank you for your blessings. Stay if you will go if you must
So mote it be

Everyone: So MOTE IT BE!

H.P.S.: Cernunnous Father of the forest and the hunt we thank you for your blessings stay if you will go if you must. So mote it be.

Everyone: SO MOTE IT BE!

Ancient powers below and above we thank you for your protection this night hail and farewell. Stay if you will go if you must. So mote it be

Everyone: So mote it be.

Great Tel'ethra ancient dragon We thank you for your attendance. Ancient spirits of the north of wood and glen thank you. Hail and farewell stay if you will go if you must. So mote it be.

Everyone: So Mote It Be!

Great Se'phar ancient dragon of the west, we thank you for your attendance. Ancient spirits of waterfalls, sea and streams we thank you for your guidance this night hail and farewell stay if you will go if you must. So mote it be.

Everyone: So Mote It Be!

Great Ta'mar ancient dragon of the south, we thank you for your attendance. Ancient spirits of the volcano, hearth and fire we thank you for your wisdom this night hail and fare well stay if you will and go if you must. So mote it be.

Everyone: So Mote It Be.

Great Se'phar ancient dragon of the east, we thank you for your attendance this night. Ancient spirits of wind, storm and gentle breeze, we thank you for
Granting us knowledge this night hail and farewell stay if you will go if you must. So mote it be

Everyone: So Mote It Be!

H.P.S. We thank the spirits of the past who have joined us this night know that you are always in our hearts Hail and farewell So mote It be

Everyone: So Mote It Be!

H.p.s. (Takes down circle ) We are once again in the land of the living go in peace

Everyone: let the feasting begin


Written by Lady Crone, " High Priestess of High Desert Clan"


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