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Do this at the waxing moon so that the seventh day is the day of the full moon.


Needs: You will need: green candle (pillar or taper) and a gold taper. Load the candles with High John powder for "commanding." Anoint the green candle with Jupiter oil and the gold with Sun oil, or both with clove oil, if you have it. Get some powdered cloves, and sprinkle it over the anointed candles. Also, get some yeast, or Brewer's yeast, for a Goddess gift.


This is an accumulative spell, so you'll need seven slips of paper. Think of a specific amount of money you'd like to get (keep it realistic!). Write an amount of money less than this amount on the first slip of paper. Put it under the green candle (or you can put the slips in a box and sprinkle clove powder over them each day). The next day, write a slightly larger amount on the second slip of paper, and put it under the green candle with the first slip. Each day, add another slip of paper with a larger amount written on it, and sprinkle clove on it. The slip of paper added on the final day should have the full amount of money you're aiming for.


Or you could modify this accumulation technique: for instance, on the first day write "I want a job." On the second day write "I want a job that I like." On the third day, "I want a job that I like that pays well." And so on. Add something extra every day, like the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."


Here's the spell: repeat the chant three times a day, when you light the candles, for seven days, starting on Weds, Jan 16 (10 a.m. is ideal starting time) through Tues, Jan 22. That is 21 repetitions, a dandy mystic number. Don't let the candles burn all the way down until the 22nd.

Greatest Goddess, hear my prayer,


Rising to you through the air,
Command that wealth be drawn to me,
Wealth in abundance, three time three;
Awakening rivers of money flow
And make my checkbook balance grow;
From Earth new streams will fast appear,
And bring me wealth throughout the year.
All the wealth that I can hold,
As the Moon turns full and gold;
Command that wealth be drawn to me,
As I will, so mote it be.


When you're finished with the repetitions each day, take a little yeast and go out your front door. Scatter the yeast to the winds and say


Yeast to grow and wealth to leaven,
Accept this gift, o Queen of Heaven.


On the day of the full moon, burn down the candles completely. Burn all the slips of paper together just before you extinguish the candles for the last time - perhaps at the end of your Full Moon ritual. Sprinkle all of the clove powder around your front door. Maybe put a little in your mail box, or in your wallet, or in your checkbook….the place where you'd like to see that money appear.


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