"Planting the seeds of Self Love"
By: WhiteOak



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Needs: Do this ritual during a time of the day when you are alone and have some free time. Gather together: a small bowl of earth, spring water, rose petals, pink candle and a rose quartz.


Cleanse and smudge the area of the house that you will be performing this ritual. Try to make sure it is in the East area where there is a window if at all possible. If you do not have a window that is fine, but you need to set up and do this ritual towards the East direction. Be sure to also smudge the bowls filled with the items you are going to be using. I always use white sage to smudge/cleanse because it is the warrior and drives away anything negative.


After you have done this, take a shower and cleanse your energy and aura. Use cup of sea salt and a few drops of your sacred scent. (Mine is sandalwood, so I use that before doing any ritual). As you shower gently take the sea salt with oil and moisten it; rub it over your skin seeing the negativity being scrubbed away and disappearing down the drain. After your shower, put on a robe or a button down shirt (this ritual can be done sky clad, if you choose).


After your shower, open a window in the East direction if it is not too cold outside. If you do not have a window that is ok too, just be sure to face the East direction in the room. Sit in front of your table where you have placed the items and take 3 deep breaths, slowly. Relax as you exhale each breath releasing any stress or unbalanced energy that you may still have. This is your time; this is your moment to totally be with you. Nothing negative is around you. The East element has opened its arms to you, and all you feel is comfort, nurturing and a new beginning close by.


Claim your space! State out loud that nothing is allowed in your sacred space except who you invite. This is the time to call in your entities that you work with, angels, spirit guides, animal guides, and god/goddess. Ask them to be witness to your ritual and to guide you. Once you are ready, you can begin by lighting your pink candle and placing the rose quartz in the bowl of water.


"Sacred flame from the South, be with me and guide me to your innocence and passion. Engulf me with your pink essence of love so I can absorb it." Breathe in deeply and envision the pink glow from the candle entering your energy field.


Hold up the bowl of Earth then place the bowl to your heart. (When I did this ritual, I actually rubbed some of the earth on my chest). Say: "Sacred Earth, I am sowing the ground to plant the seed of Self Love. Guide me through this process; I know it is through your essence of unconditional love that helps seeds to grow."


Hold up the bowl of Rose petals and take a few of them and rub them on your chest. Say: "Sacred flower of love, I plant your essence into my heart so your spiritual seeds can begin to grow. These seeds will bloom into the self love that I seek and desire." (Take a couple of minutes and feel the velvet of the petals against your chest. Envision that the velvet petals have thousands of tiny little seeds that are being absorbed into your heart.)


Pick up the bowl of water with the rose quartz in it and take a sip. Lightly dampen your finger tips in the remaining water and sprinkle it on your chest, and say: "Gentle healing droplets of water, feed and nurture the seeds of self love that I just planted. Without you nothing can grow." (Feel the coolness of the droplets against your skin; envision the droplets of water feeding the tiny little seeds you just planted.)


Then say:
"Sacred Mother, help the seeds of self love to grow. Surround me with a soft pink glow, since pink symbolizes love. Let it rain upon me from above. It is with Self-Love that I will learn to grow and have confidence on my spiritual walk; I want to be able to always walk my talk. As I will this, so shall it be".


Thank all of your guides for witnessing this ritual and release them. Take the remaining earth, rose petals and water outside. By a tree or your favorite flowering bush, make a pile with the remaining rose petals, top it with the earth, (take the rose quartz out of the water and keep it in your pocket or wear it), empty the water on top of the earth and with the palm of your hand pat the pile. Say out loud, THIS IS DONE!


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