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Cadeau is KING OF THE HILL! Or at least king of the cat condo.

KC Chilling by the window in the living room.

Skitter's on a mission. (My guess would be going for a snack.)

Puck likes to help me with my research.

There's always some smart alec who comes along and interrupts your nap with a camera! Poor Freckles!

Mimi has made herself at home in my new office on my new office chair (her new favorite place)

Okay, so Charlotte isn't a furry friend. But she's a beautiful spider, don't you think?

Other pictures

The roses and clematis growing on the pergola

Another shot of the pergola with roses

peony bushes

One of the peony bushes

Irises along the front walk with peonies in the middle

Puck on desk

Puck trying on my desk in the new office and finding that it fits him just fine


There's Cadeau in the kitchen again!

KC in Kitty Condo

KC in the kitty condo. I think he was watching Cadeau. You never know what offensive thing Cadeau's going to do


Having checked out the stereo equipment, Freckles is about to take a stroll across the mantle

Skitter and KC

Skitter and KC on the baker's island in the kitchen.


That lump under the comforter is Mimi. Below is a more photogenic picture of her.


Poor Mimi! She STILL can't make up her mind!

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