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This garlic rye soda bread from Your Bread Basket really packs the flavor! And, with the garlic, the various grains, and caraway and the rest, it's ridiculously healthy! On top of that, it's as satisfying as a yeast bread but SO much quicker to make! This is a real winner! Try it with the kale and artichoke dip from Luscious!.

One of the health tips associated with this recipe:

Unlike vitamins and minerals, fiber isn't absorbed by the digestive tract. Instead it spends a long time in the intestine, absorbing large amounts of fluid. And that's precisely its constipation-fighting secret. When fiber absorbs water, stools gradually swell, getting bigger and wetter. Unlike small stools, which can accumulate for days before moving, large stools are moved out of the intestine more quickly. All fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole-grain foods contain healthful amounts of fiber. So try eating some rye bread to relieve constipation.
The Doctors Book of Food Remedies by Selene Yeager, pp 190, 191

Your Bread Basket--150 recipes to fill your home with that yummy bread-baking aroma! And some are even gluten free!
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Below is a slide show featuring some of the recipes from this book.

The recipe for this citrus poppy seed bread from Your Bread Basket makes two loaves--one for now and one for the freezer. That's really good in the winter. When everyone else is trooping to the store for milk, eggs, and bread, you'll be sitting pretty with a delicious loaf in your freezer--if it lasts that long.

One of the health tips associated with this recipe:

Terpenes are a class of phytochemicals that can offer protection against cancer, particularly breast cancer. Limonene, is a type of terpene found in the peel of citrus fruits. In laboratory tests, it has been shown to block the development of breast tumors and also to make them regress, or shrink. Researchers think it also works to fight cancer by jump-starting the liver's production of enzymes that help detoxify potentially dangerous substances. Researchers from the University of Minnesota have found that limonenes also step up the activity of one of the body's detoxifying enzymes, glutathion S-transferase.
Eat to Heal by Kristine M. Napier, M.P.H., R.D., L.D., p 77


Of Your Bread Basket, Moonwillow writes on Amazon:
Who doesn't love bread?? This book is a cornucopia of heavenly breads, rolls, biscuits, bagels, scones, muffins, and even pretzels! Where would you ever find a book with everything "bread" in it like this? Order it for all your holidays or just for an everyday, awesome compliment to your meals. I can promise you will be even more in love with bread after this book. They are healthy, wholesome recipes, and just to let you know she has another cookbook called Super Soups, how yummy they are to dip those breads in. You'll never leave the table hungry!

Of Your Bread Basket, Donna writes on Facebook:
I never dreamed I could actually make bread for myself, but Vila makes it so easy in Your Bread Basket! I've already made the rosemary chive biscuits, the fig muffins, and, the pear almond scones. Next I'm going to try the pumpkin cranberry bread! One day, I may even work up the courage to make one of the many yeast breads in this book and maybe even the pretzels! Who knew I could be such an expert in the kitchen! Thank you, Vila!

Your Bread Basket is exactly what a bread book ought to be! With many options, including pretzels, bagels, scones, and, yes, yeast breads, the author has something for everyone, even those who aren't whiz kids in the kitchen. There's even a gluten-free section! SpiderHawk thought of everything!
As for the breads, you can't do better! So far I have made the garlic breadsticks, the blueberry orange muffins, and the sweet potato biscuits, and did they ever disappear in a hurry! I can't wait to try the rest of the recipes, though that will take some time. There are so many choices in this book! You really get your money's worth and much, much more in Your Bread Basket! I can't recommend it highly enough!

   Susan Beth Wallace writes on Amazon:

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