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These soups and stews from Feasting from the Garden are just the thing for a chilly autumn evening! And there are so many more in the book! Try them! They're DELISH!

From homey comfort food to company fare, you�ll find it in this book! Easy and quick, yet delicious and healthy! You'll LOVE these dishes!!

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Below is a slide show featuring some of the recipes from this book.

Salads are great at any time of year, and these (and the others) from Feasting From the Garden are doubly so! Each is a snap to prepare, each is ridiculously delectable, and each it amazingly healthy--loaded with good things to keep you healthy throughout the cold months!


Patti writes on Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
Healthy food that tastes great? Right here!

Do you want healthy food, that also tastes great? Grab Vila's cookbooks. All her recipes are tasty and healthy! Her cookbooks are well worth your time!

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

There are so many awesome recipes in this book!

  � Amazon Customer

November 12, 2017
Format: Kin

Of Feasting from the Garden, Moonwillow writes on Amazon: dle Edition

i knew I would not be disappointed in this book. So many healthy, delicious, easy to fix meals. Recipes easily adapt to suit your style of eating. The best part is finding more ways to utilize my garden for meals. Two thumbs up!

PatriciaSue wrote on Barnes:
Highly Recommended.
For healthy eating this is the book to use. Vila is an Awesome writer. All of her books are a must read.


I enjoyed this cookbook very much... and have made a few things from it. We are looking into making more dishes out of this book.

  � Evilfairy

Miriam wrote: "Brilliant cookbook! So many yummy and healthy recipes. Everyone should get it. :-) I love it and recommend it to everyone!

  � Miriam Glavina

A great cookbook for fast and clean tasting fresh food. New ideas on root veggies and great grain dishes. I never knew there could be so many great recipes for my favorite old meals and go vegan at the same time! And not to mention the sweets. I don't feel deprived of my sweets any longer. Thanks Vila SpiderHawk!

  � peggyjayhicks

A rainbow of information and flavor. Thank you, Vila Spider hawk

  � rose hosken

Feasting From the Garden is a cookbook that all good cooks should have in their kitchen. There are anecdotes with each recipe about some of the ingredients used. These scrumptious recipes uses fresh fruits and veggies (canned if fresh is not available), herbs, healthy oils and flours which make this a book of choice for those looking for a better way of life. Vila Spiderhawk has definitely woven a web of delicious, healthy recipes that would tempt even the pickiest of eaters.

  � Loreen Silvarahawk

This book is lovely and the recipes are wonderful! Vila SpiderHawk is great and her cookbooks should be in everyone's library!!!!

  � Rob Morini

Great cookbook
I enjoyed this cookbook very much... and have made a few things from it. We are looking into making more dishes out of this book.

  � PatriciaSue

Highly Recommended.
For healthy eating this is the book to use. Vila is an Awesome writer. All of her books are a must read.

  � Subway_Girl

This book gives you more than the what and the how.
This book gives you more than the what and the how. With all the health information in it, it gives you the why as well. Delicious recipes that are easy to make and so much more!

  � Flora Alexander

I LOVE gardening and cooking so when I saw the title of this book I knew it had to be wonderful! Feasting From the garden is a marriage between two of my passions in life. I was impressed with the healthy recipes and the fact that they are flexible, meaning one can adapt these luscious culinary delights to fit any dietary need! Vila takes the time to explain the science about the ingredients in her recipes which is awesome! She teaches her reader about nutrition and health along with adding a little story too here and there. I haven't seen many cookbooks where the author(s) will do that! Your mouth will salivate upon seeing the front cover of this 143 paged collection of recipes guaranteed to tease even the fussiest of palettes! Vila's recipes are healthy and vegan/vegetarian to boot!

On a side note: Like many others I too have concerns about Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO's as they are known as and commonly referred to. This wonderful book is not about GMO's but about eating healthy. If the reader is concerned about non-GMO foods then the reader will purchase non-GMO foods to prepare the wonderfully scrumptious recipes with! It's not fair to insinuate that the author is backed by an organization or company that is involved with the promotion of GMO foods. I follow a vegan diet for health reasons. In my searches for recipes I don't look for the words, "GMO or non-GMO" in the recipe or pages. I look at the ingredients and then I make the decisions about purchasing GMO vs non-GMO food products.

For those that live in rural areas such as I do, you'll find that you can purchase non - GMO ingredients and soy products. I'm impressed with Hannaford Foods, our local grocery chain; they keep the organic section well stocked and their consumers well versed in GMO lingo and acronyms! I've been through many a grocery store and find that most stores do a good job when it comes to consumer education. I read labels, I have to for health reasons and I can tell you that non- GMO products proudly and boldly state so on their labels in a way that catches your attention. I also use soy quite liberally because of it's enormous health benefits. There isn't a genie like, "Mr. Clean" that is going to pop his/her arm out of the grocery store shelves and hand you guaranteed non-GMO food or products. Neither is every single cookbook going to contain non-GMO recipes. They contain recipes with ingredients. It happens that in several of these recipes soy is an ingredient. If one does their research beforehand and makes the conscious decision to eat soy they most likely know about soy production. I fail to comprehend the correlation of GMO and the one reviewer's point. Everyone has an opinion in life and a passion about something. In their exuberance to communicate such perhaps the meaning gets lost with the agenda? It is the responsibility of the consumer to decide to purchase a product or not.

Politics aside, don't allow the debate over GMO or non-GMO foods to deter you from adding this wholesome, healthy, and delightful recipe book to your collection! This book is top notch and definitely deserves a five star rating! Take a peek inside, you'll love it!

  � Morgana Phenix

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Homey Food, February 22, 2012

By Peg Hicks

This review is from: Feasting from the Garden (Kindle Edition)

This is a good homey, good for you cook book, makes it a pleasure to eat vegetarian. Another hit for Vila SpiderHawk, author of so many gripping books. This cookbook is also a medicinal and herbal cookbook to help you heal inside and out! Fascinating facts, medical evaluates and usage for herbs all rolled into one...and just 99 cents! Less than the cost of 2 stamps!

I just love Feasting from the Garden! Vila shows us the whats and the hows, of course, the ingredients and the directions (which are ridiculously easy to follow), but she also shows us the whys. She tells us the health benefits of the foods in each recipe, which really helps motivate people to eat more healthfully. And it's so easy to eat these delicious dishes! Even my meat eating kids like them!

Elisa Dunbar

Warning: this book should not be read when you are hungry! You won't be able to choose which delectable recipe to try first. My mouth is watering and my stomach is grumbling as I thumb through this "garden wonderland " of recipes. Whatever your taste buds prefer, you're sure to find it in Feasting from the Garden. Whoever said healthy isn't tasty, hasn't read this. Whether you want comfort food, sweet, savory, or just a luscious indulgence, you will find it here.

Not only is this book easy to follow, it's a cornucopia of information on herbs and spices that benefit your body and soul. The author also tells you which brands work well, a big plus when your faced with several choices and you aren't sure which one will serve you best. These recipes were shared with love, for the enjoyment of good food, and healthy eating. This cookbook is a must have!

- Sharon Beller

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